Military special operation in the Donbass was on video

Спецоперация военных на Донбассе попала на видео

Operation “Vdelta” caught on video

The soldiers attacked the command-observation post of the separatists in the Luhansk region. The operation was named “Vdelta” (“Retribution”).

Military fired on command observation post of the separatists in the Golden Lugansk region. Video operation “Vaplite” (“Retribution”) has published on his page on Facebook volunteer Yury Mysyagin.

According to him, Mat forces retaliated for the fact that the separatists on January 25 anti-tank grenade blew up URAL truck, one battalion from the 54th brigade. Then killed one of the soldiers and four others were wounded.

“The operation is very carefully planned. Battle group K-2 from 54th carefully collected all the information about this place, located near the settlement gold… All the work was done so quietly that the enemy there felt very comfortable,” the volunteer wrote.

He also reported that the soldiers managed to completely destroy one of the cars of the separatists, two more cars were damaged. According to him, from 12 to 14 people there at the time, in the shelter across the road had to cross only 8-9 people, while the rest remained in the middle.

“The operation took time 10-12 minutes. The command post is fully incapacitated. Eliminated and the wounded taken to a nearby mortuary and a hospital. All the destroyed equipment was evacuated in the night by trucks. The next morning, all of the funnel are closed with boards and branches,” added Mysyagin.

Earlier it was reported that military in the Donbas experienced system Smerch. The soldiers completed the task the speed of deployment and accuracy of targeting reactive systems of volley fire.


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