Military suspect in the murder of a resident of the Town

Военных подозревают в убийстве жителя Авдеевки

Looked like a killed a resident of the Town Vladimir Eremin, say bloggers

Police arrested the suspects and referred the case to the military Prosecutor.

The police in Donetsk region was detained by the military, suspected of murder of the inhabitant of the Town. This information Корреспондент.net confirmed in the press service of the Ministry.

“We (the crime – ed.) has revealed, suspects are detained. But, as the matter is now in the military Prosecutor’s office, all the details from them”, – said the regional police, refusing to disclose details.

While in the military Prosecutor’s office told us that it is the police, “but under the supervision of the military Prosecutor’s office”.

Informed about the murder of 43-year-old audiencein told a number of journalists, citing unverified information from friends. According to the former head of the press service of FC Shakhtar Ruslan Marmazov, who now lives in Donetsk, the victim’s name is Vladimir Eremin.

“March 11, Eremina body found in landing at Avdiivka coke plant. With signs of a brutal beating, but without a jacket, chains and even a silver ring killer did not scruple. The phone is also picked up. According to it, and figured out the villains,” wrote Marmazov on his personal website.

According to him, the murder was the soldiers of the 93rd brigade APU.

At the same time, the famous video blogger Anatoly Shary says that the body found in Krasnogorovka – about 50 kilometers from the place indicated Marmazov.

In addition, according to Sharia, Eremin has gone before – on March 4. On this day, the man came out of the café and was about to go home. His car was stopped by soldiers, who may know what the deceased could have taken the money.

Note, the police and the Prosecutor’s office has not yet commented on the authenticity of these versions.

Earlier Корреспондент.net talked about how members of the “Right sector” seized the inhabitants of Donetsk region in exchange for his co-workers held captive by the DNR.