Military unit attacked the drone – ATO headquarters

Воинскую часть атаковал беспилотник - штаб АТО

From the device were dropped six explosive devices, the military say.

For the last day separatists 18 times fired at positions of the Ukrainian military in the Donbass. In addition, a military unit in the rear were subjected to the drone attacks, the press center of the ATO.

Difficult situation remains in the suburbs of Donetsk. At night illegal armed groups fired at positions of the military in Avdiivka and Marinka from grenade launchers and small arms.

On the Mariupol direction fixed fire near Novotroitsk and Shirokino.

In the Luhansk region were fired Novozvanivka, Trechispora.

“That night, one of our rear military units attacked the enemy UAV. From the device were dropped 6 explosive devices. Losses among the personnel and equipment there,” the message reads.

In addition, after midnight, the separatists already six times opened fire on Ukrainian positions in the Donbas.

In turn, the DNR reported shelling near Donetsk and Gorlovka. “The Donetsk district hears a roar. Airport under mortar fire. 23:30 fight in Spartacus, surrounds shudder from the heavy calibers. In the North of Gorlovka restless. The shelling Zaitsev. A powerful explosion rocked Gorlovka, was heard a loud shot/arrival somewhere in the North. The sound reached the tsgr, – stated in the message.

There are new photos Avdeevka after shelling

In “Ministry of defense” DNR reported that “APU has produced more than 25 min at sahanke, under fire hit the agglomeration of Donetsk”.

As reported, over the past day, the military has recorded a double increase in attacks.

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There are new photos Avdeevka after shelling

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