Military with s-300 went to the exercises in Bulgaria

Военные с ЗРК С-300 отправились на учения в Болгарию

The emblem of the teachings of the Shabla-2017

During the exercise Shabla-2017 will be made live firing.

Today, anti-aircraft missile units of the air forces of Ukraine will begin to participate in international military exercises Shabla-2017. This reports the press service of the defense Ministry.

To participate in the exercise, which held at the site of Shabla in Bulgaria, will be involved in combat calculations of divisions of anti-aircraft missile systems of medium-range s-300 officers on the organization of interaction, the students of the faculty of anti-aircraft missile troops of the Kharkov national University of Air forces of them. Ivan Kozhedub, as well as two aircraft of military transport aviation.

Just for exercises in Bulgaria has sent 80 military personnel.

It is noted that during the exercise Shabla-2017 will be made live firing.

“During the exercises, members of anti-aircraft missile troops of the Air Forces to get acquainted with the tactics and procedures used by units of the air force of the armed forces of States-members of NATO during the execution of tasks of antiaircraft defense”, – stated in the message.

As reported Корреспондент.netUkraine prepares to repel massive air strikes. To this end, in this year the military will spend 120 exercise anti-aircraft missile units.