Militiamen carry out investigative actions in the Department of the state administration, which officials exposed in bribery

Правоохранители проводят следственные действия в департаменте КГГА, чиновников которого разоблачили во взяточничестве

Law enforcement officers conduct investigations at the premises of the Department of urban development and the preservation of the environment, water, reports the correspondent channel “112 Ukraine”.

Law enforcement officers are in the building Department from 11 o’clock in the morning.

“We managed to talk to a representative of the Department, he said that investigations are in accordance with the definition of the court from 11 in the morning. Two hours ago people were looking out the Windows and said that they are not allowed to leave the premises that they can’t come out, but after 18:00 they began to release. We went around the building to see representatives of the security service or of national police around the premises, but saw no one. But when people were released from the room, he saw that they let people in balaclavas,” she said.

We will remind, in the capital, the employees of the security Service of Ukraine (SBU) with the support of the leadership of the city exposed to the bribery of officials of the Department of urban development and the preservation of the natural environment of the Kyiv city state administration and state service for emergency situations.

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