Millionaires and generals: who trump is going to make America great again

Миллионеры и генералы: С кем Трамп намерен делать Америку снова великой

Donald trump and Mike Pence

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The formation of the skeleton of the Cabinet of trump is almost complete. There are several empty Ministerial posts and the posts of the level of Advisor to the President, but the essence of the HR strategy trump is already quite clear. In fact, appointees of the new President of the United States can be attributed to four categories: generals, millionaires, and loyal trumpety other.

Understanding and trust

In the administration of the tramp three of the General – so can hardly be counted for all presidential terms Obama and Bush combined. General Mattis will lead the defense Ministry – the military at this post in the 65 years since the legendary George Marshall, the man who developed the plan for Europe. The Department of homeland security for the first time since inception in 2005 will probably lead to General Kelly. To advise on national security will Trump General Flynn. No wonder that even Republicans not to mention Democrats, warned trump that the post of military Secretary to offer are already absolutely indecent – some junta will succeed.

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The unprecedented concentration of generals in the office of the tramp – the result of several factors. First, it is the attempt of the populist trump to rely on public opinion: the army steadily heads the list of institutions that Americans trust. In the despicable world of shopkeepers, lawyers and politicians, they retain some conscience and honor – so say the Americans. According to a fresh public opinion poll, 53% of voters (and 82% of Republicans) welcomes the appointment of military to high positions in the state, only 23% don’t like it.

Миллионеры и генералы: С кем Трамп намерен делать Америку снова великой

Michael Flynn

According to the Americans – good and private – better. Trump is known that few trusts. In this sense, the military is the only people for whom loyalty is not a currency in the great Washington game. They can rely on. They are accustomed to obey orders, and so they will be easier to negotiate.

(And after the notorious article Das Magazin about the technologies with which trump came to power, many are talking, not sanctions or war Trump allowed to use them. The reduction of the Pentagon budget under Obama supposedly had no appeal to generals and defense corporations, and trump just promised to return to the industrialization of the country, –

Finally, who promised to “drain the swamp in Washington,” trump forced (and genuinely wants) to rely less on the boring politicians. Where then to draw the frames? Be only military and businessmen. Somewhat limited in the ability to assign other military (Admiral Stavridis and General Petraeus has long been considered as candidates for the secretaries of state, and the latter still could hypothetically take the post of head of the Ministry of veterans Affairs), trump turned to the people it knows well: to the financiers.

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Came from Goldman Sachs – a new senior adviser to the President Bannon, Finance Minister Minuchin, as well as the current head of Goldman Sachs Gary Cohn, who is expected to take post of presidential adviser on the economy. Such appointments appear in the new administration trump’s especially cynical, considering how the last year has criticized Hillary Clinton for given to the employees of the company lecture. Billionaire Wilbur Ross will be headed by the Ministry of Commerce, the President of the fast food chain CKE Andrew Pazder labour. Millionaire Betsy DeVos and Linda MacMahon become respectively Minister of education and head of the Agency for support of small business. And the final triumph of the millionaires club – the appointment of the U.S. Secretary Rex Tillerson, President of ExxonMobil.

Миллионеры и генералы: С кем Трамп намерен делать Америку снова великой

Steve Bannon

Trump trust of the business community, of course, not because they have any particularly honest and principled. Just the new President knows well how they think and how to do business with them. In addition, a solid Bank account is to trump a strong argument in favor of what its owner is worth listening to. After all, he was able to earn a lot of money, and thus refers to the same, as does Donald, breed winners.

Not without additional factors in each individual case. For example, De Vos became the first woman appointed to the Cabinet of trump, but still constantly criticized him during the campaign. In the same logic did not support trump’s campaign and do not have diplomatic experience, the Governor of South Carolina Nikki Haley was given the post of US representative in the UN that, among other things, allowed her Vice-Governor and a supporter of trump Henry McMasters to lead the state.

Makeshift Secretary of state

A separate and almost a detective story played out with the appointment of Rex Tillerson to the post of Secretary of state. Initially considered for this position, Giuliani and Petraeus had a significant flaw: at some point in his career they did about the same as Hillary Clinton. Consulting business Giuliani got a significant amount from different foreign companies and governments – as the Clinton Foundation. And Petraeus at the time, was forced to resign as CIA Director over what was regularly admitted to classified information to his mistress. Trump spent months criticizing Clinton for this, and he could not appoint to this position of people convicted of the same action. Giuliani, moreover, is not actively promoted itself in the media, which caused the dissatisfaction of trump, get a blackmail on the part of the loyalist.

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Candidate MITT Romney would be a very interesting move for trump, who therefore would send a signal to the Republican establishment – say, guys, don’t worry, I honor the achievements of veterans of the Grand old party. No wonder among the major lobbyists, Romney called for the post of Vice-President of Pensions and the President’s chief of staff of the Raines of Primus. However, against Romney openly those who for many months was preparing a victory for trump. “Fighting generals” ‘bannon and Conway, which led him to victory, confidently said: Donald, your voter will not understand you.

Миллионеры и генералы: С кем Трамп намерен делать Америку снова великой

Donald trump and Raines Pribus

Exists a curious version of that whole story with the possible appointment of Romney was plotted revenge by the trump – nice, they say, to look at enemy from the top down and humiliate him by a refusal. This sweet story pretends to be another myth surrounding the legend of Donald is the winner.

Candidate Tillerson is formed at the junction of discontent trump the first line of candidates (or inability to appoint someone from the first line) and his desire to find someone new and fresh, not the Congressman, but at the same time heavyweight world politics. Surprisingly, the first recommendation Tillerson received from Condoleezza rice, just two months ago calling trump out of the presidential race. Rice and other former us Secretary of state, Baker, and former defense Secretary gates has actively supported Tillerson, and trump has agreed to meet with him. The meeting was a success – they agreed. Donald and Rex indeed, in many ways similar: the big sharks of the business, making billions of dollars in transactions and in the course of difficult negotiations. As a result, the decision on the fate of the most prestigious and influential positions in the U.S. government (after the Vice President, of course) was taken by trump in less than a week.

In this case the pressure that tried to provide trump some Republican senators, who accused Tillerson in too close relations with Russia and its President, only accelerated the assignment: found a guy and tired of the difficult searches worthy candidate, Donald trump has decided to accelerate its decision.

Given the improvisational and somewhat random selection Tillerson, to say that his purpose is the same signal about the beginning of Pro-Russian politicians trump, of course, is not necessary. After all, who was considered for this position, were configured in relation to Russia is critical. However, two facts are undeniable: first, Tillerson understands Russian, as it is a business and, therefore, as it is the policy. He did business with Russia back in the 90s, accompanying the project “Sakhalin-1” and then discussed with Khodorkovsky the acquisition of Yukos by ExxonMobil. Subsequently, actively invested in Russia and then sued her for the return of taxes. Second, Tillerson has publicly spoken out against sanctions as a foreign policy tool.

Миллионеры и генералы: С кем Трамп намерен делать Америку снова великой

Rex Tillerson

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We must not forget also that it is not a Russophile, but pragmatism trump Tillerson will be more than counterbalanced by a pair of General Mattis – Flynn, as well as all of the Republican establishment. The Senate Republican majority is likely to ensure the appointment of Tillerson, but will closely watching him – not misdirected Ranger this native of Texas? In addition, the Democrats will again and again raise the same question, saying that you, Republicans, for eight years worth scolded Obama, he is too soft against the Russia, and suddenly the appoint of Russian decorated Secretary of state?

The appointment of Tillerson and other millionaires in the Cabinet of trump important that cognitive dissonance, which continues to be the American public. If trump and his generals is clear, it’s the bankers at the highest state positions – e.g., Goldman Sachs voters confuse: 39% believe that the new President should do less of these appointments. An overabundance of millionaires in the Cabinet by itself is not a Vice, but osadochek remained.

The administration of the compromise

On the background of the first two groups of loyal trampetti, that is, those who for a long time in Donald believed and supported, relatively small. However, in the study was African American Ben Carson, who headed the Ministry of construction, as well as conservative Senator Sess, received the post of attorney General. For this position claimed and Chris Christie, also one of the first associates of trump, but because of the scandals and loss of confidence left the ranks of the contenders for the trophies Donaldbain victory.

In addition, the office of the tramp were a number of people who are rather associated with the Republican establishment – here the influence of Penny and Primus. Particularly the Minister of transportation Elaine Chao, wife of Senate majority Mitch McConnell and the Minister in the administration of George W. Bush. Congressmen Price and Zinke, who heads the health Ministry and the interior Ministry, apparently, nasovetovala Ryan and Pribram. On a post of the Minister of energy was Rick Perry, former Texas Governor, who at least since 2012, vigorously opposed the activities of the Ministry.

Миллионеры и генералы: С кем Трамп намерен делать Америку снова великой

Mitch McConnell and Elaine Chao

Who is not in the office trump is experts from scientific and analytical centers, of which there were many in the Obama administration. Businessmen and warriors Harvard is clever – that’s the style of the new President. By the way, not to find a new office and a special variety, which is so like to boast liberals: if of women in administration is still enough, no one, for example, no Latino.

The main characteristic of the Cabinet of trump is still the administration of the compromise. The establishment of the party reassured the personnel policy of their leader, and the Donald could find a way not directly associated with politics, but quite acceptable for people system.

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The first task of the office will be dismantling the legacy of Obama, at least his most vulnerable parts. In addition, American analysts have called the government trump “deregularised”. Indeed, beyond the promises of the elected President to follow the rule “impose one regulation, cancel two,” the Cabinet says that the new President plans to reduce the level of involvement of the state. The new Minister of education, – consistent critic of Federal education standards. The head of the Ministry of labour opposes raising the minimum wage. The head of the Agency for the protection of the environment not sure that it must be protected, and the Minister of energy believes that the Department of energy too much control.

For five weeks, Trump has been almost from scratch to build a team that seems logical, at least in matters of domestic and economic policy. More of a concern foreign policy is the area where rich men and generals can not find a common language.

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