Millions of videos of the attack. New Zealand after the attack

Миллионы видео атаки. Новая Зеландия после теракта

Internet try to delete the video of the attack, France and Britain reinforce protection of mosques, in Australia in dispute over Islam – what is happening in the world and New Zealand after the terrible terrorist attack.

New Zealand is a picturesque and peaceful place, but the last few days all discussing it not because of the natural beauty and terrible attack.

March 15, a lone gunman killed 50 people in two mosques of the new Zealand city of Christchurch. Police arrested the suspect 28-year-old ultranationalist Brandon Tarrant. find out how New Zealand and the world are experiencing the consequences of a terrorist attack.

Enhanced security

French authorities stepped up security in the vicinity of religious sites after attacks on mosques in New Zealand.

France is home to the largest Muslim minority in Western Europe. The country suffered a deadly Islamist attacks in 2015 and 2016.

Around mosques in the UK increased the number of police patrols, and the experts on terrorism and security will meet with the Minister of internal Affairs to discuss how best to protect religious institutions of Muslims.

British security Minister, Ben Wallace, speaking in the House of Commons, called the attack “disgusting” and said that together with the interior Minister Sajid Javid they will meet with the leaders of the counter-terrorism police units and security services.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan showed an edited transcript of the attack on the two meetings with his supporters. Erdogan said that the attack in New Zealand was directed against him personally and against Turkey in General. He also said that the attacker was twice visited Turkey in 2016. The new Zealand police this is not yet confirmed.

Suicide alone

In the first hours after the attack, police announced the arrest of four suspects, including a native of Australia Brandon Tarrant. Almost immediately the police announced the involvement in the terrorist attack one of the detainees, and then to freedom was released, and two more.

As of March 18, remains in custody only Tarrant. He was charged with murder. The police believes that the Australian was acting alone. What Tarrant was in the Facebook stream of attacks on mosques, published before the attack on the Internet a Manifesto of anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim ideas and, as it turned out, sent it to a few dozen addresses, including politicians and the media.

Tarrant refused a lawyer and expressed a desire himself to represent himself in court. He did not explain why. The terrorist wants to use a court hearing to promote their beliefs.

Before the attack on the mosque Brenton Tarrant issued a Manifesto containing the anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim statements. Tarrant also shot the attack on video. The entry with the massacre immediately began to disperse in social networks. Facebook announced that during the first day alone has removed 1.5 million videos of the attack.

Among the recipients of the letters manifest was the office of the Prime Minister of New Zealand, Jacinda Ardern. The head of government on 17 March said that the letter from Tarrant came nine minutes before the attack on the first mosque. Within two minutes after the office received the letter, it informed the security service. The Arden stressed that the letter was not information about what is conceived Tarrant. “No attack, nor any other details it does not contain” — said the Prime Minister.

Brandon Tarrant legally owned five weapons. In the field of security services that monitors extremists, Tarrant, despite the fact that repeatedly published in social networks anti-Muslim and anti-immigrant statements, before the attack on the mosque did not fall.

The Prime Minister of New Zealand pledged that after the attack weapon legislation will be reviewed. In particular, speech can go about restricting the sale of semi-automatic weapons.

Terrorist travel

It turned out that in 2016 the new Zealand shooter visited places iconic European battles.

At the end of 2016 Tarrant visited the places of historical battles in Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina. In 2017 he went to Western Europe.

In 2016, he also visited Israel on a tourist visa. What was he doing in the country during the 9-day visit was not reported.

In November 2018 the terrorist went to the historical places of Bulgaria, Romania and Hungary.

What to do with the video

New Zealand authorities immediately after the attack asked not to distribute footage of the attack, which in a live show Tarrant and the text of his Manifesto. However, mass murder immediately start to diverge in social networks and on Youtube.

#BREAKING: Man allegedly involved in mass shooting in Christchurch, New Zealand live-streamed shooting rampage on Facebook; still frames are from video I obtained moments ago.

— Matthew Keys (@MatthewKeysLive) March 15, 2019.

Company Facebook March 17, announced that only 24 hours removed 1.5 million records of a terrorist attack, of which 1.2 million at the startup stage. YouTube is also trying to block these videos. However, writes The Wall Street Journal, the video had gone the dark corners of the Internet, for example, it was published on the anonymous forums. The Prime Minister of New Zealand stated that the role of social networks in the terrorist attack yet to be determined, adding that this issue affects not only her country.


“The attack in Christchurch – product of an atmosphere of hate and prejudice, who for many years cultivated in the West. Waves of migration 2014-2015, as well as the growth of Islamic extremism after the appearance of the terrorists of the Islamic state, were a shock for the West, and the springboard that brought on the political Olympus of right-wing politicians,” notes the analyst on international Affairs Iliya Kusa.

According to him, many European parties use the rhetoric of hatred and racism for political purposes, which led to a certain extent, the growth of social tensions in European society and the growing problem of migrants.

“The tragedy in New Zealand in a global context – a direct consequence of the political rhetoric of the West the last 12-15 years, the exacerbation of ethnic conflicts as a result of globalization, mass migration and the demographic crisis in Europe and the United States. The response was the emergence of right-wing parties in many countries”, – said the expert.

In his opinion, the incident in New Zealand should not be regarded as a separate episode. Especially considering the degree of stress and urgency of the problems in France, Austria, Italy and Germany.