Minato: On Donbass there is no quality drinking water

МинАТО: На Донбассе нет качественной питьевой воды

In addition, in Mariupol there is a threat of shortage of drinking water.

In the Donbas is no quality drinking water, and in Mariupol there is a threat of water shortage. This was announced by the Minister for the temporarily occupied territories and internally displaced persons of Ukraine Vadym Chernysh in an interview with Interfax-Ukraine.

The Minister noted that the cleaning system in the Donbas have been constructed in the Soviet era, and there now exists the problem of high level of mineralization of water.

“Now the level of impurities in the water is very high and quality of drinking water in the region is not principle,” he said.

He also added that the uncontrolled territory is part of the “Yuzhnodonbasskaya water utility”, where he damaged and which supplies water from the Seversky Donets river in Mariupol. In this regard, it is impossible to assess and repair damage to the utility.

“The water supply system is inefficient: there are losses of water, electricity, falling water quality”, – said Blackie.

According to him, the supply of water in Mariupol has fallen to a very low level, and the city may experience demand for drinking water, and the one that is supplied is of poor quality. The Minister stressed that the reduction of supply and lack of water does not mean that the population of the city will be left entirely without water.

Earlier it was reported that since the beginning of this year Donetsk filtering station has been shelled nine times, her job was terminated in whole for 45 days.