Miner as a profession or how to earn decent money during the crisis

Майнер как профессия, или как заработать достойные деньги в кризис

The creation and rapid development of the Internet has become a powerful incentive for the emergence of many new professions, without which the Internet itself could not exist and develop: web programmers and content managers, forum moderators, and graphic designers, bloggers and gamedeveloper. And this list is growing constantly. In addition, the Internet has provided a unique opportunity to work remotely from “source of funding”, resulting in a huge army of freelancers, which combines earnings from the comfort of their own apartments. Quite naturally, the payment for freelance work depends on your occupation and qualifications – just like in “normal” life, and just like in “normal” life the Internet gives the opportunity to earn people without a job and skills. It is most common to use so-called taps – sites-services that pay for certain actions, like viewing ads, taking a test, install a specific app on your smartphone or computer, or advertising on their pages in social networks. However, payment for such unskilled jobs will be at best $1 a day even under the condition of continuous work for 8 hours – the ratio of “effort – result” does not hold water.

However, more recently, a new “remote” the profession is associated with the emergence and development of the market of digital currencies and Bitcoin (BTC) miner of cryptocurrencies. The release process is called Bitcoin “mining” (from the English. mining – mining) – the only way to get bitcoin is based on solving the math problems computers. In simplified form the essence of the work of the miners is to search from millions of possible combinations of one single correct code, called a hash, and receive compensation for it in amount of 25 PTS – a truly “Royal” awards at a cost of one Bitcoin to about $450 today! However, a large number of miners at the same time fighting for this award, and only the first who has found the correct hash, gets her.

The complexity of the selection of the hash dictates whether the miner is extremely powerful computer, because computing power consumes huge amount of electricity. In this regard, the Bitсoin mining today is carried out in a professional mega-mining farms near cheap sources of electric energy, and the miners are forced to sell most of mined coins to cover growing operating costs. It is because of the high cost of mining process Bitсoin and ongoing planned reduction of the remuneration (50 PTS in 2013 year, 25 PTS – today, 12,5 PTS in 2017) many experts predicting a complete collapse Bitсoin as cryptocurrency in the near future.

So do we need to pay attention to the profession of the miner if such forecasts?

A real revolution in the field of mining digital currencies has produced the emergence of cryptocurrencies EDRСoin. The process of its production does not require complex calculations on powerful computers and can be implemented on any device, including tablets and smartphones. There is no need to collect expensive mega-mining farm and spend gigawatts of electricity – mining EDRСoin incredibly simple: “your money made you more money”, enough to buy a certain amount of cryptocurrencies EDRСoin. After that, mining new coins will happen automatically and you will receive up to 0.35% from the sum on your cryptocotyle a day!

You doubt that the earnings in the Internet can be so simple? We offer you to learn the profession of miner cryptocurrency right now! In just three simple steps:

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