Miner Konyaspor 4:0. Online Europa League match

Шахтер - Коньяспор 4:0. Онлайн матча Лиги Европы

Miner Konyaspor: online

Miner Konyaspor. To watch online broadcast of the match Shakhtar Donetsk vs Konyaspor in the Europa League, 24 November at 20:00.

Shakhtar Donetsk will play against Konyaspor in the Turkish fifth match of the group stage of the Europa League.

The game will take place in Lviv, in the Lviv Arena, beginning at 20:00.

Shakhtar confidently took first place in their group, winning all matches and qualified for the next round.

Konyaspor occupies the last place in the group with just one point in the asset. In this case the Turks have not lost chances of an exit in the following round. To do this, in Lviv they need to win.

During the first match between the teams, which took place in Konya, the miner was able to win thanks to a goal by Ferreira. After that, the Pitmen confidently coped with Braga and twice with Gent.

A text stream

Thank you for being with us! All with the victory!

Miner wins fifth game in the Europa League, showing 100% result. Still the most goals throughout the tournament on account of the miners.

The victory of Shakhtar, without super. And the nearest reserve Fonseca looked at today, and the Ukrainian fans, the miners entertained.

Konyaspor was just too weak opponent for Shakhtar, although in the first match of the group stage so didn’t look.

Game review


The match is over!

90. Dentinho has finally, but very wide.

89. Kryvtsov got an elbow in the balls.

87. Stepanenko received a yellow card for something that is not moved to the required distance from the ball during the execution of the penalty.

Very similar was that Stepanenko is deliberately meant to yellow. If he already had the card in the previous matches, perhaps, wanted to “zero out” Shakhtar midfielder.

85. Fur takes the free-kick into the hands of Shevchenko. The Turks have provided an easy debut to goalkeeper miners.

78. Last substitution at Shakhtar: Boryachuk changes Stepanenko.

77. A miner is simply playing holding the ball, and Arena Lviv is the wave.

Шахтер - Коньяспор 4:0. Онлайн матча Лиги Европы

The press service of FC Shakhtar Donetsk

75. Play already team match. The only question is – scored Shakhtar else.


A beautiful goal scored for Shakhtar! In three programs, the miners passed the entire field, Boyarchuk cut to Bernard, and he elegantly lobbed the goalkeeper of miners.

72. Bernard falls in the penalty area, a penalty kick but the referee is not intended.

67. Eduardo scored almost the first touch. Srna earned a free-kick on the right flank, Eduardo won the air. A bunch of old Croatian played for Shakhtar.


63. Eduardo comes on for taison.

60. Just over 10 thousand fans came today in the Lviv Arena. A good indicator for the end of November.

58. Another blow for the Turks – it was already happening, but Shevchenko is in place. Findikli beat.

54. Shakhtar in today’s match just one shot on target, but the account 2:0. Superrealistic!

51. The first blow to the side of the gate by the Turkish team. Fur shot straight into the hands of Shevchenko.

47. The miner begins to actively, Boyarchuk earns stroinoi on the wing after the draw which Srna has to Ordets.

Another debut at the miner. Kovalenko on the left tank.

The second half started!

While in the Arena Lviv full advantage of the miner. Victory in the class.

Шахтер - Коньяспор 4:0. Онлайн матча Лиги Европы

The press service of FC Shakhtar Donetsk

The end of the first half!

45. Interestingly, Bardakci even know for whom he currently plays. Privoz Privoz for the defender of the Turks.

44. Tyson should have scored a third. After another crop of the Turks Bernard put it on the gate, Tyson already prokinul the ball past the goalkeeper Konyaspor, but Ah knocked out of the ribbons.

43. Kovalenko outplayed the opponent, but with the continuation of the attack did not happen.

41. Miner calmly keeps the ball. Comfortable advantage miners.

38. Srna was awarded the yellow and dangerous free kick for Konyaspor. Milosevic gets his head after the filing of the crossbar.

37. Very weak Konyaspor. First, the Turks lost the ball in midfield. Tyson has had time to clean up for themselves, to turn around and bring the Defender into a shooting position. Shot to far and the Brazilians celebrate with #MannequinChallenge.

36. GOOOOOOOOOOAL!!!!!!!!!!! 2:0!!!!!!

34. Hit Konyaspor after a corner – by.

32. Boryachuk ran one nodin, AI was holding his hand, but a violation, the referee did not see. A shot at the Ukrainian striker failed.

30. The miner controls the game, very nepoyantno due to what Konyaspor going to fight against today hosts.

27. Received a yellow card for Kovalenko’s tackle from behind.

24. Another standard for miners, now from the other flank, but the filing of the Srna did not.

21. Bernard earned a free-kick. Taison delivered a cross but it is blocked by Ordets failed.

19. Dentinho has missed the target.

18. Miner’s got a counterattack, but dangerous moments is not reached.

15. Very unlucky guests. The own goal also increased and forced substitution. Instead of the captain Camdale, which broke his nose, came out of the Fur.

13. Boryachuk received a yellow card for the go-ahead from Camdale.

11. Shakhtar take the lead, however, the coast Konyaspor. Bernard served with the flank, and Bardakci deflected the ball into his own net.

Very ridiculous goal invented by the Turks.


6. Shakhtar took the ball and built their attack while often using the right flank of Darijo Srna.

2. While it seems that the game takes place in Turkey. A lot of Turkish fans in the stadium.

Konyaspor taraftarı Shakhtar Donetsk karşılaşması için Ukrayna’da! pic.twitter.com/AinKeBeXTG

— Sporun Dibi (@sporundibicom) 24 Nov 2016

Lviv Mayor Andriy Sadovy:

“To Lviv for a match with Shakhtar flew about a thousand fans Konyaspor. Now the streets are safe, the guests behave politely. Come and support today the Ukrainian team in the Arena Lviv.

Dream of that once and Karpaty will return to Lviv the UEFA Cup. Meanwhile, European teams come to Lviv due to the miner, whom we warmly welcome and enjoy their victories”.

1. The game began.

The Turks are also not the strongest part. Five substitutions made by the coach Konyaspor compared to the last League match.

Fonseca, as promised, carried out the rotation, releasing those who have played less lately. Young Matvienko and Boyarchuk out in the start. Shevchenko makes his debut at the miner.

The teams:

Miner: Shevchenko, Srna, Ordets, Krivtsov, Matvienko, B. K., Kovalenko — Dentinho, Taison, Bernard — Boryachuk

Stock: Kanibolotskiy, Kucher, Stepanenko, Rakitskiy, Kobin, Tankovskiy, Eduardo

Konyaspor: Kirintili – Sahiner, Selim, Bardakci. – Mbamba, Findikli, Camdale, Hadžiahmetović – Milosevic, Ora

Stock: Tarakci, Douglas, Turan, Bajic, Fur, Rangelov, Ibrahim

Shakhtar coach Paulo Fonseca said that guaranteed first place allows him to do some rotation in the upcoming match.

“Despite our victory in Turkey, we have had problems with this team. She’s just a great organization of defense. I also note that the opponent is strong output to the counter. Given what I’ve seen, “Konyaspor” progressing with each match and will meet with us after two wins in the Turkish League. We will leave with only one desire – to win. And have respect for them, knowing that it will not be easy,” said the coach.

Shakhtar’s training before the match: