Miner wins strong-willed victory over the Carpathians

Шахтер одерживает волевую победу над Карпатами

Marlos is the author of a victorious goal in the match

In the fourth round of the championship of Ukraine miner produces most difficult three points, beating Karpaty with the score 2:3.

In a fantastic match, the Miners were able to turn the tide of the match after the break and scored 3 goals in the second half.

Karpaty – Shakhtar 2:3

Goals: Blanco Leshchuk, 27, Chachua, A 37 – Stepanenko, 47, Kovalenko, 69, Marlos, 87

The Carpathians: Pidkivka – Kostevich, Lobi, Nesterov, Pavlo Ksyonz (Rich 90) – Chachua (Rudyk, 66), Novotryasov – Gryso (Kravets, 57), Khudobyak, Miroshnichenko – Blanco Leshchuk

Shakhtar: Pyatov – Ismaily, Rakitskiy, Kucher, Srna, Stepanenko, Dentinho, 84), Fred Tyson, Kovalenko, (Marlos, 46) – Seleznyov (Eduardo, 66)

Warning: Novotryasov, Lobi, Blanco Leshchuk, Miroshnichenko, Khudobyak – Stephanocoenia news on iSport.ua: Shakhtar wins strong-willed victory over the Carpathians

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