Miners announce a large-scale protest

Шахтеры анонсируют масштабную акцию протеста

The miners will arrive in Kiev on requirements

Independent trade Union of miners of Ukraine and the trade Union of coal industry workers initiated a large-scale protest.

Under walls of the Verkhovna Rada and the Cabinet of Ministers on Thursday, July 5, the miners will hold mass meetings with the requirement to extinguish debts under the salary. On Tuesday, July 3, said the head of the Independent trade Union of miners of Ukraine Mikhail Volynets, according to espresso.

Their participation in the action have already confirmed the miners SelidovUgol, Volynugol, lisichanskugol, and other associations.

“I today with colleagues of the Union were at the meeting, energy Minister Igor Nasalik, and we see the irresponsible behavior of Minister. Two weeks ago, he told us that he agreed with the President and the bill number 8362 will be voted, as he did on the budget Committee was not considered. Now he is not so optimistic, says that already 90% sure that on Thursday the bill will be voted on and he’s supposedly with someone has agreed. Do we need a Minister if he obidelsya “looking”, and wage arrears exceeded UAH 1 billion?” – said Mikhail Volynets at Efir one of the channels, explaining the reasons for the distrust of the Ministry from the unions and the miners ‘ collectives.

According to Volynets, the inaction of the Ministry in a crisis situation and the unfulfilled promises from the Minister Igor Nasalik pushed the miners to the fact that they are protesting in the regions and in large quantities go with a strike on Kiev. Under the Verkhovna Rada and the Cabinet of Ministers, the miners will demand from the government the repayment of many months of wage arrears and increasing investments in the coal industry from the state.

“We will demand from the deputies of the bill, presented by MP Michael Cooper, which provides for an increase of budget financing of the coal industry by 2.8 billion UAH. This will help in some measure to the end of the year to modernize the mines and to ensure energy security of the country, and also to pay wages to miners before the end of the year”, – said the head of the miners ‘ Union.

According to Mikhail Volynets, the unions collect more miners than last time, when together with the Afghans and Chernobyl veterans, miners stormed the Verkhovna Rada. It is expected that on 5 July in Kiev, the striking workers of state-owned mines will join the protests of railway workers.

Recall, July 2, miners mine ipb refused to rise to the surface, until they pay the debt on a salary and not completed mine.

Today it was reported that in the Luhansk region the miners the second day refuse to go to slaughter.


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