Miners have extracted 80% of all bitcoins

Майнеры добыли 80% всех биткоинов


The miners will have to get another 4.2 million bitcoins, after which to get that cryptocurrency will become even more difficult, which will affect its value.

As of 13 January, the number of mined coins cryptocurrency bitcoin was $ 16.8 million — is exactly 80% of the total, reported CoinTelegraph.

It is reported that now the miners have to get that last 4.2 million bitcoins. When they mined all 21 million coins, then, according to the Creator of the cryptocurrency Satoshi Nakamoto, get them will be even harder, potentially increase their cost.

To date, for each block miners get a reward in the amount of 12.5 bitcoin. However, according to the Protocol, approximately every four years the reward for mining is reduced by half.

Following the reduction in awards will be held around June 2020, and the miners will receive for each unit is only 6.25 bitcoin. Initially, the reward was 50 bitcoins.

It is believed that the number of bitcoins can be increased by using various manipulative tactics, such as attacks 51% or Sybil attacks. However, for the first nine years of existence, the cryptocurrency still has not been able to violate this restriction.

Earlier it was reported about the new hard forks, in which two new cryptocurrency.

As reported, in the network of bitcoin occurred hardwork Bitcoin Diamond.