Mining is one of the shopping centres in Mariupol has not been confirmed, and the second continues the search, the police

Минирование одного из торговых центров в Мариуполе не подтвердилось, во втором - продолжается обыск, - полиция

In Mariupol information about mining one of the shopping centres was not confirmed in the second building of the police continues to search. About it on air of TV channel “112 Ukraine” said the Deputy spokesperson of the National police in the Donetsk region Pavel Dyachenko.

“There were two messages on mining. The first came at 12:05, it was information about mining of the two shopping centers. One of them is located in the city centre, the other at volodarskoe highway, 1. Now raided one shopping Mall – explosive items found. The second object continue the work of the intelligence agencies”, – he said.

While Dyachenko confirmed that two buildings were evacuated nearly 2.5 thousand people.

As reported, in Mariupol the unknown reported about mining of shopping centres “ПортCity” and “Glutton”.