Ministry of education approved a program change for elementary school – media

Минобразования утвердило изменения программы для младшей школы – СМИ

There are new guidelines for the youngest students

The youngest students are facilitated educational programme.

The Ministry of education and science approved change educational program for elementary school. About some of these changes, says the Country citing the new guidelines of the Ministry of education.

According to the publication, among the significant changes is the prohibition to set homework first-graders. They will appear since the second grade and in the total should take no more than 45 minutes of time to complete. Since the third grade, this figure increases to 70 minutes, with the fourth – to 90 minutes. While homeworks will not be able to give on weekends, holidays and vacations.

In addition, it is forbidden to overload for more Junior jobs. Teachers do not recommend to put the tasks in additional textbooks or workbooks.

“It is unacceptable to overload students with assignments from additional textbooks, notebooks, printed base: fill drawings, preparation of charts, tables, performing additional tasks and exercises, writing home works and the like”, – stated in the recommendations.

Finally, the Ministry proposes to replace part of the regular lessons of physical education and other physically active subjects – for example, choreography or swimming.

We will remind, last year the Ministry of education banned to publicly announce the grades of the students, abolished the homework and assessment of pupils of the first classes and assessment in physical education for all classes.

In the schools of Kiev will be electronic textbooks