Ministry of health: epidemic of hepatitis A in Ukraine

Минздрав: эпидемии гепатита А в Украине нет

The CDC says hepatitis all right

Basically, the outbreaks were associated with failure prevention.

The Ministry of health of Ukraine declares that on the territory of the state of hepatitis A epidemic there.

“For 11 months of 2017, has been registered in Ukraine 29 outbreaks of viral hepatitis A, incidence rates did not exceed the long-term average levels,” – said in a statement.

The Ministry of health indicate that most outbreaks have been associated with the lack of implementation of measures for the prevention and violation of the anti-epidemic regime at the facilities, and poor personal hygiene by the patients themselves.

Минздрав: эпидемии гепатита А в Украине нет

Recommendations Of The Ministry Of Health

Commenting on the outbreak of hepatitis A in Nikolaev and area where sick 47 people, including 6 children, in the Ministry of health noted: in most patients form of the disease of moderate severity, two people, including 1 child – a form of severe.

“In hospital there are 35 people. Three people refused from hospitalization. Epidemiological investigation and laboratory tests of drinking water continue,” said the health Ministry.

As you know, in the Nikolaev area carry out investigation on the fact of mass disease of people with hepatitis A.

As of 9:00 January 4 at the regional infectious diseases hospital were 33 patients, of them the diagnosis was confirmed in 16 people. Another 6 children were in regional children’s infectious diseases hospital, the diagnosis was confirmed in 1 child.

In a press-service of management of health care Nikolaev yeah assured that the epidemic of hepatitis A in Nikolaev isn’t present, because the incidence rates are below the average for Ukraine.