Ministry of infrastructure: Hyperloop would be cheaper than trains

Мининфраструктуры: Hyperloop будет дешевле поездов

The Ministry of infrastructure has assessed the economic benefits from the construction of the Hyperloop

The construction of the Hyperloop would be cheaper than construction of Railways, and the ticket is cheaper than plane and train.

The construction of the Hyperloop would be cheaper and more profitable railway and air service. On Thursday, June 14, said Deputy Director of the state policy in the field of digital infrastructure on transport of the Ministry of infrastructure Farid Safarov, reports UNIAN.

“According to the company, 1 km of the onshore pipe Hyperloop would cost $ 10 million. It’s cheaper than building a railroad. However, if you build an underground Hyperloop, it increases the cost of construction once-in-8”, – he said.

Safarov noted that the ticket price has not miscalculated, because all those involved in the development of Hyperloop, the more I look at transportation.

“It all starts with transportation. Until you are sure that everything is safe, then the companies, few will go. But from the point of view of the ticket, it will be cheaper than the plane and W/e Because to maintain the infrastructure in Hyperloop is cheaper,” he said.

Safarov also said that from Odessa to Kiev can be reached within 30 minutes.

“So he will be able to carry more people. In addition, the train that moves in a vacuum, will produce energy. It is also a source of income,” he said.

We will remind, in the Ministry of Infrastructure said earlier that in the river will build a Hyperloop test pad.

Hyperloop is Elon Musk’s transport system, consisting of steel tubes, inside which moves a train — sealed capsule to the wind cushion. The speed of such capsules may exceed 600 kilometers per hour.


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