Minsk wants to negotiate about the summer truce

В Минске хотят договориться о летнем перемирии

The Ukrainian military in the Donbass

We are talking about establishing a silence regime along the line of the front with a length of 426 kilometers in two months.

The sub-group on the security of the Trilateral contact group (TAG) Wednesday, June 27, in Minsk will try to negotiate a ceasefire in the Donbas to the end of the summer.

This was announced by the representative of Ukraine in this subgroup Yevhen Marchuk on his page in Facebook.

“Will attempt to negotiate and, most importantly, to develop a method of ensuring an end to the attacks, that is, the establishment of the ceasefire on the frontline. And is 426 kilometers. To stop at least two summer months, when harvest, holidays, vacations,” wrote Marchuk.

He noted that in the previous talks on June 13 in the sub-group on security issues agreed to prepare and try to “out agreed actions to achieve this goal.”

Yevhen Marchuk predicts that to reach agreements on cessation of the attacks will be difficult. However, he recalled the positive experience of 2016, when they managed to negotiate six weeks to keep the regime of silence, during which “died or was injured, no Ukrainian soldiers.”

“But now the situation is much more complicated. A lot of new factors,” he said.

Recall that over the past day in the Donbas recorded 30 attacks from separatists. In 11 cases, fire was opened from the Minsk agreements prohibited weapons. One APU fighter was killed and two were injured.

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