Miroshnichenko called KSU not to succumb to political pressure and give an honest legal assessment of the law “About the cleansing power”

The constitutional court of Ukraine should not succumb to political pressure, it is necessary to give a fair legal assessment of the law “About the cleansing power”. This was stated by MP from the Opposition bloc Yuriy Miroshnichenko during a briefing in the Parliament.

“In February last year, 47 people’s deputies submitted to the constitutional court of Ukraine asking to declare unconstitutional certain provisions of the law on lustration. We are talking about a controversial law limiting the rights of citizens, which is absolutely not peculiar to a democratic society. The constitutional court last year opened the proceedings, but has not yet issued its decision on this issue”, – he said.

According to him, the LCP was to render a decision within three months from the date of submitting, not later than June 2015.

“I don’t want to accuse the constitutional court that it violates the law by delaying a decision. Today on the court are under unprecedented pressure. Therefore, judges may not formally announce the right decision and to publicly acknowledge the lustration in Ukraine is unconstitutional,” the MP said.

The politician also reminded that the Ukrainian and international experts and the Venice Commission have repeatedly spoken out about the ambiguity of certain provisions of the law “About the cleansing power”.

“In particular, stated that lustration should not be applied collectively, and individually, before applying lustration to the individual man – his guilt must be proven in court. The government promised to consider the recommendations of the Venice Commission and amend the law, but they are still not done,” – said Yuri Miroshnichenko.

He also noted that if the unconstitutional provisions of the law on lustration will not be lifted, thousands of illegally dismissed Ukrainians will go to the European court on human rights. “These people are innocent, their guilt is not proven, so they will all win these things. And this will not only affect Ukraine’s international image, but also cause significant losses to the state budget”, – said Yuri Miroshnichenko.

The politician stressed that to prevent violations of human rights under the guise of desire to move to Europe – is unacceptable.

“Democracy must be built on respect for the Constitution and those of international standards, which we call European values”, – said the MP.

The MP urged the constitutional court to resist the government pressure and in the end to make a fair legal solution that does not allow questioning Ukraine’s European choice.

“Despite everything, I believe in constitutional justice and in the fact that Ukraine, which has chosen the path to democracy, can adequately withstand this test,” concluded Miroshnichenko.