Missile regiment in occupied to the Crimea armed with anti-aircraft system s-400 “Triumph”

Ракетный полк в оккупированном Крыму вооружили зенитной системой С-400 "Триумф"

Air defense system s-400 “Triumph”, a photo from archive

One of the anti-aircraft missile regiments in occupied to the Crimea armed with air defense system s-400 “Triumph”. About it reports “RBC” with reference to the words of the commander of 4 army, air force and air defense of the southern military district Viktor Sevostyanova.

The report stated that the system With-400 “Triumph” received the personnel of anti-aircraft missile regiment of the 4th army of VVS and PVO district. It is noted that the regiment already completely retrained, and the system will be put on combat duty in December. And according to Sevostyanova, the system for hundreds of miles covers the existing air defence system in the South of Russia.

Note that the s-400 is designed to destroy aircraft, aircraft, cruise missiles and other air and space attack. At ranges up to 60 km it can destroy ballistic targets flying at a speed of 4.8 km/s at ranges of 400 km, it can hit aircraft and cruise missiles.

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