Missing in the Donbas killed – headquarters

Пропавший на Донбассе военный погиб - штаб

After falling into an ambush fighter APU to accept the battle

The body of Ukrainian Dmitri fell into the hands of the separatists. They used his death to promote the “Russian world”, said the headquarters.

Dmitry Ukrainian serviceman, with which on 8 August in the Donbass lost contact, was killed. This was at the briefing on Friday, August 10, said the representative of the press center of environment protection Anatoly Stelmach.

According to him, Ukrainian body fell into the hands of the separatists. The staff noted that the enemy has used the death of the military to promote the “Russian world”.

Stelmach said that August 8, the military in the intelligence group performed the tasks in the grey zone. Once ambushed, the Ukrainian took the fight.

“The main group, having received the report from Dmitry Ukrainian of the ambush, began to retreat. Dmitry together with brother, who just turned 19 years old, fought against the superior forces of the enemy. Having established that the main group has departed and received the order to retreat, remained and ordered to withdraw 19-year-old scout,” said Stelmach.

He also added that the deceased was presented to the state award posthumously.

Earlier it was reported that in the fighting from the Mallorcan (Donetsk region), one soldier was killed and three were wounded, and one serviceman was lost communication.

Yesterday in the Luhansk region were injured two soldiers of the APU.

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