Missing scientist who created the genetically modified children

Пропал ученый, создавший генно-модифицированных детей

Chinese geneticist went missing

Geneticist went missing immediately after immediately after the speech at the summit in Hong Kong.

Chinese scientist, a geneticist who announced the creation of children with DNA modified, missing. It is reported by Science Alert.

Scientist Cisangkuy Hae can’t find neither colleagues nor the Federal office of the PRC. The last time a man was seen during a speech at the Second international summit on the editing of the human genome in Hong Kong. It is reported that after the Chinese left the building, he’s not answering his phone and never appeared.

At the Institute where the scientist worked, suspended all research in this area, there is the work of the Commission. American colleague Cisangkuy Hae Michael Day came under investigation for “human experimentation”.

Previously, scientists said that China was the birth of “genetically edited” children. Geneticist allegedly changed their genomes are yet in embryo.

The researcher using the CRISPR removed the embryos have the gene CCR5, which “opens the door for HIV into cells of the body.” What is known about the first children with changed DNA.

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