Mitsubishi is Recalling hundreds of thousands of cars from Canada and USA

Mitsubishi отзывает сотни тысяч авто из Канады и США

In the car found a faulty electrical relay.

The Japanese company Mitsubishi is Recalling 161,167 thousand cars from the U.S. and Canada due to faulty electrical relay. As stated in the company due to relay failure the engine may stall or overheat.

Revocation shall be SUVs Outlander and Outlander Sport SUVs that were released in the period from 2015 to 2017, sedans Lancer, implemented during the same period, and the Lancer Evolution sedan, which rolled off the Assembly line in 2015. In Canada should be revoked 28.6 cars, the rest of US.

Mitsubishi said that so far no reports of accidents or injuries due to a relay which can reduce the flow of electricity to the motor. The Japanese company will notify car owners about the defect in October, all repair work to replace the offending parts will be performed by dealers free of charge.

Earlier it was reported that Daimler AG plans to recall more than a million Mercedes-Benz cars worldwide due to problems with airbags.

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