MLB. Chicago wins the World series!

МЛБ. Чикаго выигрывает Мировую серию!

Ben Zobrist

In the incredible intensity of the seventh game of the final of the MLB Chicago cubs beat the Cleveland Indians.

The final match of the season started right off the bat. Already the first batter in the match – Dexter Fowler scored home ranom open account. After that, until the fourth inning Corey Kluber did not commit any strikeout, but the protection of Cleveland no one was allowed to. Chicago missed the Coco crisp after a single by Santana.

In the fourth inning from Corey Kluber the problems started: the single from Bryant, a hit by pitch Rizzo, ground-out, when the defense knocked Rizzo, but Bryant and Zobrist is left on third and first bases, a Sac fly from the hero of the sixth game Addison Russell, double from Wilson Contreras, and the score was 1:3. First delivery of Kluber in the fifth inning ended with the home ranom, Javier Baez and subsequent replacement of a starting pitcher.

However better started and the main Indians reliever Andrew Miller. First, Fowler took first base, although it was immediately embossed double play. Then Miller four times were not included in the strike zone, Chris Bryant, and then Anthony Rizzo knocked a single, and Bryant managed 9 seconds to run from first base to home, making the score 1:5.

After Kyle Hendricks took two out and threw to first base, Carlos Santana, held two substitutions. On the mound left Jon Lester and catcher took the 39-year-old David Ross. Immediately, Kipnis beat out a single, short, Ross ran the ball and threw to first base Rizzo, so much so that he tried to get the ball hit a runner in Cleveland.

It was not the last mistake Ross in this inning. Playing against Francisco Lindoro Jon Lester has done a bad serve, the ball hit the ground before Ross and hit the mask flew off to the side. Yet, Ross lost his balance, ran to the ball, Santana and Kipnis managed to reach home.

However, David Ross is rehabilitated, knocking a homerun in the next inning.

In inning number 8 Clevlen entered with a three-point gap and had to earn points against Aroldis Chapman. Outs Lindora and Napoli good for nothing Indians were no signs, but later, Jose Ramirez (single) and Brandon Guyer (double) made the score 4:6, and Raja Davis lifted up the whole Progressive field, knocking a home run, equalized before the final cut and enthralled the chief of the athlete Cleveland – LeBron James.

Just gonna leave this here. #Game7

– MLB (@MLB) November 3, 2016

The ninth inning, Brian Shaw and Aroldis Chapman finished keeping the score equal. But extra innings began a few tens of minutes, all because of the rain.

#WorldSeries #Game7 will resume on @MLBONFOX at approximately 12:15am ET:

– MLB (@MLB) November 3, 2016

The first extra-inning Brian Show started not very confidently, as a result, Zobrist knocks his first hit in the match (Almora – RAS), and Montero makes a single in the first approach at bat (Rizzo – RAS). To save the situation out Trevor Bauer, deal with Hayward and Baez.

At the crucial moment on the mound came 25-year-old Carl Edwards Jr. Having two outs, he missed wounds after a single by Davis, and was replaced by Mike Montgomery, who finished the game ground out by Martinez.

Chicago gets the first victory in the World series since 1908.

Seventh, the final game was a success. The team then upset, then delighted his fans, and neutral fans definitely got a kick out of such a decisive match.

Cleveland (Corey Kluber) – Chicago (Kyle Hendricks) 7:8 (0:1, 0:0, 1:0, 0:2, 2:2, 0:1, 0:0, 3:0, 0:0,

Victory: Chapman; Defeat: Show;

Saves: Montgomery;


Fowler is hit home runs (0:1) – 1st inning

Santana single, Crispus (1:1) – 3rd

Russell sac fly, Bryant (1:2) – 4th

Contrera – double, Zobrist (1:3) – 4th

Baez is a home run, (1:4) – 5th

Rizzo single, Bryant (1:5) – 5th

Lindor – wild pitch, Santana, Kipnis (3:5) – 5th

Ross home run (3:6) – 6th

Guyer – double, Ramirez (4:6) – 8th

Davis was a home run, Guyer (6:6) – 8th

Zobrist double, Almora (6:7) – 10th

Montero – sing, Rizzo (6:8) – 10th

Davis – single, Guyer (7:8) – 10th

The same news on major League baseball. Chicago wins the World series!

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