Modern people have found “DNA” of the Neanderthals

В современных людях нашли "части ДНК" неандертальцев

In the DNA of a modern human found “hidden Neanderthal”

In one of the sections of chromosomes of modern man specialists discovered the “pantry” where the hidden information from ancient people.

Researchers from the University of California at Davis found in the human DNA part of the genome of the ancient people. It is reported by EurekAlert!.

The largest part of the genetic information embedded in DNA is contained in chromosomes. Each of them has a Central part a centromere, which is the least susceptible to time changes during division.

In the centromere, the researchers found “traces of DNA” of the Neanderthals and other ancient “information”. It represents the totality of immutable DNA that can be tracked over time.

Examining human DNA from the database and the 1000 Genomes Project DNA of ancient humans, scientists have found the oldest coded information. So in the 11th human chromosome detected the totality of the DNA that occurred 700 million years ago, when the ancestors of Neanderthals split from the ancestors of man. And 12 chromosome was found even more ancient DNA from an unknown ancestor.

The wound was disclosed the secret of the imprint of a human foot near the ancient volcano. It was also reported that the face of a man who lived 1300 years ago, recreated in the photo.

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