Moldova asks Ukraine to the corridor for withdrawal of Russian military from Transnistria

Молдова просит Украину о коридоре для вывода военных РФ с Приднестровья

Russian troops in Transnistria

Earlier, Russian officials spoke to the Moldovan authorities that can’t get weapons through Ukraine because of the difficult situation in the country.

Chisinau wants to negotiate with Kyiv on provision of the corridor on the territory of Ukraine for the removal of Russian troops from Transnistria. On Thursday, April 12, Prime Minister of Moldova Pavel Filip at the Kiev security forum on Thursday, reports Interfax-Ukraine.

“We demand and ask for the withdrawal of Russian troops from Moldova’s territory and transformation of current operations in Transnistria into a civil mission with international mandate, in the belief that this will create a basis for resolving the Transnistrian conflict through negotiations,” he said.

According to the Prime Minister of Moldova, when he spoke at the Munich security conference on the withdrawal of Russian troops from Moldova, representatives of the Russian Federation explained the inability to take weapons through Ukraine because of the difficult situation in the country.

“I assured him that we have a convincing enough capacities and opportunities to convince our Ukrainian friends to make the corridor to take weapons and ammunition still remain in Transnistria”, – he said.

Philip also noted that the illegal military presence in countries has not lead to the solution of the conflict and freezes the situation and encourages destructive forces in the implementation of plans for separation of the parts of the countries.

As reported, Ukraine and Moldova agreed on the facilitation of crossing the border.


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