Moldova has imposed duties on Ukrainian meat, milk and cement

Молдова ввела пошлины на украинское мясо, молочку и цемент

The duties will be valid until December 31, 2016.

Meat and dairy products and cement temporarily excluded from the free trade regime with Ukraine. The Moldovan Cabinet of Ministers has imposed duties on these products and set quotas on duty-free deliveries, reports NOI.

The decision was made “at the request of domestic producers to protect the internal market from mass imports of these products of Ukrainian production, which negatively affects the development of relevant local industries, causing great harm to the Moldovan producers”.

Without payment of customs duties from Ukraine to Moldova will be possible to deliver a thousand tons of milk and cream, thousand tons milk, yogurt, yogurt, yogurt, 750 tons of butter, ice cream, cheese and cottage cheese, 200 tons of sausages, frankfurters, meat by-products, as well as 500 tons of cement.

For products delivered over quota will be charged fees of from 10 to 20%.

As reported Корреспондент.net, April 14 the government of Belarus has tightened the rules on duty free import of goods for personal use.

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