Moldova has restricted imports of Ukrainian products

Молдова ограничила импорт украинской продукции

To impose duties of Ukraine has asked local producers.

In Moldova, have introduced restrictions on the import of Ukrainian goods. The resolution “On the introduction of measures to protect the domestic market,” published on the website of the government of Moldova on may 13, reports European truth.

For livestock products, and the cement of Ukrainian origin will be set quotas, and the import of goods in excess of quotas and protective duties.

For all Ukrainian products in excess of the quota will be charged duty on milk and cream – 10%, other dairy products (15%), butter and cheese – from 15% to 20% plus €500 per 1 ton. Meat products will be taxed 15% and cement 10%. Duties on the import of milk and milk powder will not be distributed to local producers.

Quotas will be distributed on a first-come – first-served basis.

The introduction of quotas in the government of Moldova explained the request from local manufacturers. The explanatory note also States that last year the volume of import of Ukrainian dairy products (sour cream, buttermilk, yoghurt) increased by 1.5%, meat products – by 14 times, and cement – in six times, because of the embargo on these products from Russia.

As for the cement, the ban was a response to the decline in Moldovan exports of cement in Ukraine, due to the lowest prices for Ukrainian products, and as a result of non-recognition by Ukraine of Moldovan certificates.

Recall that Moldova has imposed duties on Ukrainian meat, milk and cement in late April, 2016. The decision will be valid until 31 December 2016.

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