Moldova refused to judge Chaus asylum

Молдова отказала судье Чаусу в убежище

A former judge will not be able to stay in Moldova

In the administration of the President of Moldova, his request was rejected.

The Moldovan authorities refused to grant political asylum to former Ukrainian judge Nicholas Chaus. About it reports the local edition Deschide.

As stated by Advisor to the President of Moldova on legal issues Maxim Lebedinsky, the Ukrainian judge Nicholas Chaus, detained by Moldovan authorities, asked for political asylum. But he was not allowed to.

“The Commission on the problems of citizens and the granting of political asylum under the President of Moldova rejected his request”, he said.

We will remind, Nikolay Chaus was convicted of bribery. On 12 September, the court allowed to detain the judge Chaus.

In March the Chisinau court of arrested former judge of the Dnieper district court of Kyiv Nikolay Chaus for 15 days for illegal crossing of the Moldavian border. However, on 22 April he was released.