Moldovans stand for hours in queues at the border with Ukraine

Молдаване ежедневно стоят часами в очереди на границе с Украиной

At the checkpoint Tudor-Starokozache not cope with the influx of tourists from Moldova

Residents of the neighboring state are forced to stand kilometer queue to get into the sea.

At the border crossing point Tudora-Starokozache every day accumulates a huge number of cars wishing to relax by the sea from Moldova, writes Godessa.

It is noted that a kilometer-long traffic jam of cars formed not only due to the influx of tourists, but because of slow customs work.

In some machines there are families with young children. They have to stand in the heat for 5 to 7 hours.

Video the line removed Chisinau photographer Vasily Zelezny.

Note, August 6, at the Ukrainian-Polish border in the Lviv region have not worked the checkpoints.

Earlier it was reported that since the beginning of summer passenger traffic with Crimea increased by 73%.


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