Mom, no hands: Liverpool Fans Troll Mignolet

Мама, я без рук: Болельщики Ливерпуля троллят Миньоле

Simon Mignolet

Belgian Liverpool goalkeeper Simon Mignolet was criticized by fans after conceding a goal in the match against Stoke (4:1).

Last season for Mignolet extremely unstable. Being the main goalkeeper of the team, he sometimes gave an absolutely incredible matches with fantastic saves, alternating with failed games and “brought”.

To ensure the reliability of the goalie position in the summer, Jurgen Klopp purchased a German Keeper Loris karius of which were intended to be a first team number. However, during the season Carius lost his place in the starting lineup after a series of mistakes, the return to frame Mignolet, again, little has changed for Liverpool.

In yesterday’s match against Stoke Simon once again made an unfortunate mistake, allowing to vary the striker guests Jonathan Walters.

A shot of Walters from the second floor fell into the first corner, right there where he stood Mignolet. The Belgian goalkeeper was confident to hit the ball, but instead failed to reflect the round in a fairly simple situation.

After conceding in the corner of the net Simon received scathing criticism from fans of the Merseysiders.

We will remind that last time fans of Red often and harshly criticized his players. In addition to Mignolet recently donated and midfielder Roberto Firmino.


Simon Mignolet…

– Ryan (@MillersManiac) 27 grudnia 2016 R.

Simon Mignolet



Nice work from Simon Mignolet for the opener #LIVSTO

– Unibet (@unibet) 27 grudnia 2016 R.

Great work from Simon Mignolet during the first goal



If Simon Mignolet was a character in Friends.

– Not Match of the Day (@NOT_MOTD) 27 grudnia 2016 R.

If Simon Mignolet was a character in Friends



Simon Mignolet

Francisco Bono (@iscobono) 27 grudnia 2016 R.

“Look, mom, no hands” – Simon Mignolet



Dejan Lovren and Simon Mignolet being beaten by Jonathan Walters. Why am I not surprised? #LFC

– Lucas (@GalleyGreenwood) 27 grudnia 2016 R.

Dejan Louren and Simon Mignolet beat Jonathan Walters. Why am I not surprised?



Look up the word pathetic in the dictionary & there will be a pic of Simon Mignolet

– DomHollandTm (@Dom_holland) 27 grudnia 2016 R.

View designation of the word “pathetic” in the dictionary, and there’s a picture of Simon Mignolet


Breaking news: Simon Mignolet still can’t save for shit.

– CollieBro4cc (@colliebro4cc) 27 grudnia 2016 R.

Hot news: Simon Mignolet still can’t get nichrome



Apparently Simon Mignolet has never met a near post he’s not itching to be beaten at.

– ⚽ this is a Country (@FutbolsaCountry) 27 grudnia 2016 R.

Obviously Simon Mignolet never met a near post where he would not want to miss



Simon Mignolet Is like a joke? Like a joke goalkeeper?

– furness (@joefurnesss) 27 grudnia 2016 R.

Simon Mignolet is a joke? Something like the goalkeeper-the Joker?

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