Moment of the year: 16 of the brightest moments of the Ukrainian sports 2016

The past year has given sports fans around the world a lot of emotions. Today says 16 the most striking events of 2016 in the Ukrainian sports.

1. The transition for Alex Teixeira Chinese “‘sy Sunin”

Football season has started with big transfers. The leader “Shakhtar” Alex Teixeira agreed to leave three years in the Chinese championship. For this “miner” received a record for yourself and all Ukraine of 50 million euros, Teixeira has become one of the highest paid players in the world.

2. Historical output of the Dynamo in the knockout stages of the Champions League

Let your out of the group of “Dynamo” have provided more in 2015, but the games with Manchester city, for which we were able to knock off disqualification “Olympic” was opened for the Kiev team in 2016. Everything was decided in the match in Kiev, where “city” has confidently won. The Kiev played a draw and finished their participation in the competition.

3. Shakhtar Donetsk advanced to the semifinals of the Europa League

Donetsk residents after departure from the Champions League progresses on the grid of the playoffs of the Europa League, having defeated the first “Schalke”, and “Anderlecht”, and then Braga. In the semifinals of the LES Donetsk had to fight the winner of the Spanish “Seville” with Konoplyanka in the composition. After a draw in Love “miners” lost in Seville and stopped a step away from the finals. However, in a situation when Ukrainian football is going through a human and financial crisis, part of our team at such a high stage of the Eurocup for the second consecutive year (lost the final “Dnipro” still, remember?) shows that Ukraine has a lot to grow in terms of football.

4. Care Lucescu

At the end of last season, the Turkish media was already hyped information that Lucescu negotiated Fenerbahce, Galatasaray and other clubs in the local super League. From this news that Mircea Lucescu after 12 years at Shakhtar quits and leaves the team, was no less stunning. The choice of a new job Lucescu was also quite unexpected – Zenit St. Petersburg showed no signs of special interest during the season. However, Shakhtar began to be major change and everyone was wondering how it would end.

5. The failure of the national team of Ukraine for Euro 2016

Euro 2016 all waited. The Ukrainian national team at the continental championship began with a lost, but hopeful of the match against Germany. But then there was complete hopelessness. The match with Northern Ireland was a complete failure, after which it became clear that this Euro Ukraine is totally not ready. The match with the poles only confirmed it.

6. The first medal at the 2016 Olympics

Ukraine their performances at the Olympic games not held at a high level. Total 31 seats and won 11 medals – proof. And this is the first Ukrainian award in the Games and has become so important. And history of the Ukrainian shooter Serhiy Kulish, who won a silver medal in air rifle shooting at 10 meters.

7. The breakdown of the Klitschko – fury

After Klitschko absolutely sensationally lost the first fight Tyson fury, boxer was out for revenge. It was stated in their original contract. But Tyson fury would not be itself, if not added a bit to the reality show. First fury in June, got injured and had to cancel a fight with Klitschko in July. Was assigned a new date, October 29. But this fight wasn’t meant to be – fury revealed drug addiction, prolonged depression, and other sports are clearly not factors. In the end, Klitschko got a new opponent, and fury took all the championship belts. But the story of the complacent Briton, who won the champion and gone, we’ve got a decent movie.

8. The debut of “Dawn” in the group of Europa League

Yield in the Cup final of Ukraine, which is “dawn” lost to “Shakhtar” made for Luhansk great favor – they don’t have to play qualifications for the Europa League, Zorya will be taken directly to the group stage. For the wards of Vernidub debut there is almost fabulous. All three players – clubs with names, traditions and stars in the squad. First Fenerbahce lost the offensive and win, then lose in a historic departure in the Manchester game with Feyenoord. As expected, “dawn” battle with opponents could not, but had an incredible experience that would not soon be repeated.

9. Kiev will host the final of the Champions League in 2018

One of the most interesting and unusual events of the year. When UEFA announced its decision to trust the Kiev to hold the final of the most prestigious club tournament in the world, it became clear that the football world believe in Ukraine. Believes that we can accept tens of thousands of fans from all over Europe even when the country continues the crisis. And it is pleasing in the context of the fact that last year Ukraine had to take the Eurobasket.

10. First the title of Alexander Usik

After we spent the whole year not seen fighting our eternal champion Wladimir Klitschko, Ukraine lacked a great Boxing success.

11. The record of Shakhtar in the Europa League

The Pitmen started the season poorly, were eliminated from the Champions League from a modest Swiss “young boys”. But this story was a good start for a very bright appearance in the Europa League. The first was easily knocked out in the playoffs of the Turkish “Istanbul”. After that Shakhtar was in a group with “Gent”, “Braga” and “Konyaspor”. And all six matches won, showing that the present location of the Pitmen, still in the Champions League.

12. The defeat of Besiktas in the Champions League

Kiev “Dynamo” this year is going through an obvious decline due to the change of generations and the absence of prominent leaders in the field. On some Form and Yarmolenko in the Champions League, many will not achieve. And citizens fairly predictable are unable to extend their stay in European competition, finishing in last place in the group. But in all this rather sad picture was the moment of insight that showed the potential of the Kyiv team. 6-0 victory over a very motivated Besiktas allowed “Dynamo” to “slam the door” before leaving. Well, what is the greatest victory “Dynamo” in the Champions League in team history, was just a nice bonus.

13. The Alexander Zinchenko V Manchester city

Ukrainian players in top clubs was not very long ago. In this regard, the purchase of Manchester city young Zinchenko from the Russian “Ufa” gives an understanding that Ukrainian football has a future. And the future looks hopeless. Of course, the young Ukrainians to consolidate the basis of the Grand failed. But Guardiola was very pleased with how Zinchenko looked at training camp. At PSV, where Zinchenko went to rent, things yet are not too bright, but progress in the game Ukrainians visible. Waiting for the second half of the season and further disclosure of talent.

14. The appointment of Paulo Fonseca to Shakhtar

With all the crisis of Ukrainian football, to bring into the country is not the cheapest foreigner could only afford Shakhtar. After the departure of Lucescu is the new coach got in the hands of a team with big tasks and his philosophy. And young by coaching standards, Fonseca is quite cope with the fact that Shakhtar is not only lost ground but also regained the Ukrainian crown.

15. Andriy Shevchenko headed a national team of Ukraine

Back in the spring of 2016, it became clear that included in the coaching staff Fomenko the winner of the “Golden ball”-2004 will be trained to work with the national team. And after the failure of the Euro, which Shevchenko watched in person, the appointment of an inexperienced, though the legendary players, the head coach of the country did not seem like the best solution. And the matches to the team, Shevchenko watched very closely. But the Ukrainian team at first hesitantly, but gradually with all the more tenacity to change his game and looked pretty interesting. And to the credit of Shevchenko, who has surrounded himself with an excellent team of foreign experts.

16. The match Dynamo – Shakhtar, who decided the fate of the championship

Last Ukrainian match of the year. Such a confrontation is not a very long time. The first time the team Rebrov completely outplayed Shakhtar winning 2-1. But in the second half “Shakhtar” started to push and citizens could not resist. 7 goals, 2 removal, the intrigue – it was in the game, which will be included in future tops the Ukrainian Clasico.