Monsanto company will pay $289 million cancer patients in the United States

Компания Monsanto выплатит $289 млн больному раком в США

The court in San Francisco considers more than 400 applications against Monsanto

Monsanto produced the means for the destruction of weeds contains glyphosate herbicide. The company failed to warn consumers about the possible dangers of substances for the health.

The court in San Francisco on Friday, August 10, company fined Monsanto for 289 million dollars. The specified amount must be paid as compensation to the affected with cancer.

According to the jury, to a large extent the development of the disease contributed to the herbicide glyphosate, which is contained in produced by the means for the destruction of weeds. 46-year-old victim, who previously worked as the caretaker of the school grounds, have used this tool for several years.

The company did not warn buyers of its products that herbicides may contribute to cancer in humans, thought jury. In July, a court in San Francisco decided to review more than 400 such statements against Monsanto.

Experts do not have consensus on the impact of glyphosate on human health. Previously, the Agency for environmental protection, the U.S. and several regulators in the European Union reported no risk of cancer resulting from the use of this herbicide. In turn, in 2015, the world health organization (who) said that the substance may be a carcinogen.

Us company Monsanto is one of the leaders in the world market sales of genetically modified seeds and herbicides. June 2018, it belongs to German concern Bayer.

Earlier, the European Commission has fined parent company Google Alphabet to record $ 4.34 billion euros for abuse of dominant position. In particular, Google used Android as a means to secure the dominance of its search engine.

And in Germany fined the automaker Volkswagen to a billion euros in connection with diesel scandal.

Source: Russian service of Deutsche Welle

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