Moore said that the government discreditied rally, removing pseudo-participants

The government itself brings to the meeting to those who say that he came for the money, said today during a meeting the head of the political Council of the party “For life”, people’s Deputy Eugene Moore.

“The government is trying to discredit the protest in the same ways that were used by its predecessors. She leads and takes those who said that he came for the money. Why? Because I think that is the most powerful argument in favor of the fact that the protest is “fake”. Apparently, they can’t believe that people have a grievance”, he said.

According to Murewa, the authorities would not take the bill on the protection of defrauded investors urgently if I believed in their statement that paid for the meeting.

“As much as anything to the rumor about the paid meetings, but if they are not going for what hurts – the money does not solve anything,” – says Moore.