More than 46 00 Ukrainians bought new cars under the program of financing

Более 46 00 украинцев приобрели новые автомобили по программе финансирования

To buy a new car, making monthly payments (from 2381 UAH per month*) quite possible thanks to the funding program “Avtotak.” Purchasing in groups is based on a combination of people wanting to buy a car, paying minimum monthly payments.

You do not need to immediately invest large sums in damages to the family budget or to develop your business. The timing of the car will depend on the willingness and capabilities of the client. “Avtotak” allows the flexibility to adjust payment schedules, taking into account both financial difficulties and appeared free money.

Oleg Menzhinsky, foreman on railway enterprise in Brovary, got a brand new ZAZ nine months after registration of the contract. About the possibility to purchase car without a loan or lease, Oleg learned from his friend, who took advantage of the system “Avtotak” earlier.

Driver’s license he received in 2010, but went to his dad’s old car that constantly had to be repaired. And after marriage, moved to a suburb of Kiev, Oleg started to save for a new car. But to no avail. As the family expected completion, the man realized that driving with his wife and small child on a train to relatives in the village will be too problematic.

Более 46 00 украинцев приобрели новые автомобили по программе финансирования



– New car my wife and I received 18 may 2017 and the first thing went to visit my parents for the Vinnytsia region, – said Oleg. – I am very glad that became the owner of the car even before the birth of the baby. Now we are not dependent on public transport and can travel not only in village but also in the clinic, to the market for groceries, to go to nature.

According to Oleg, “the program “Avtotak” convenient because you can pay not only a fixed payment, and to pay upfront fees, which gives additional benefits”.

– Everything is simple and fair: who pays more of one monthly payment, that gets priority and takes the car, – said Oleg. – A month before the alleged birth of the baby I paid a good down payment. Of the 120 payments I have to make 80, I already go on his new ZAZе. And in the future, on the same program, I want to buy and Chevrolet. Many of my friends interested in the program “Avtotak” and also want to join.

Более 46 00 украинцев приобрели новые автомобили по программе финансирования



The program “Avtotak” is attractive not only for payments in local currency, but also because it allows to “freeze” already deposited. Regardless of what the price will be tomorrow, already deposited does not depreciate.

For nineteen years of work in Ukraine buy in groups have established ourselves as a necessary and popular financial tool. 55 stores in the company “AVTO prosto” which administers the program “Avtotak” located in shopping centers and dealer network of “UkrAVTO”Corporation.

During this time, more than 46 000 Ukrainians acquired the Opel, KIA, Chevrolet, ZAZ, Chery, and others, through purchases in groups. And every day more and more people, a long time dream to buy a car, joins the program “Avtotak.”


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**Periodic payment for the car ZAZ Sens with the monthly fee is 2380,96 UAH per month, calculated according to a price set by the Supplier as 31.05.2017 G.

OOO “AVTO prosto” perpetual license from 15.09.2015, issued by the financial services Commission.