More than 60 of the Crimean Tatars were deprived of their liberty in the Crimea, – Chubarov

Более 60 крымских татар лишены свободы в Крыму – Чубаров

Chubarov told how many Crimean Tatars are deprived of freedom in the Crimea

The number of children left without parental care, exceeded 100.

In Crimea, the increasing pressure on Crimean Tatars. On Thursday, 4 January, in an interview with channel 5 said the Chairman of the Majlis of the Crimean Tatar people Refat Chubarov.

“The number of those whom we consider political prisoners, i.e. people who are deprived of their liberty and are imprisoned or in jail, or have already received so-called adjudications, or judicial sentence, they are limited in movement in the Crimea – such people more than 60. And I’m not talking about those people who receive huge fines. They have several hundred,” – said Chubarov.

He added that the number of children left without parents, as they are behind bars, has already exceeded a hundred.

“We consider them because they need help,” – said Chubarov.

We will remind, the Monitoring mission of the United Nations human rights in Ukraine States that from 16 August to 15 November 2017 were arrested 49 of the Crimean Tatars.