More than 90% of citizens consider themselves Ukrainians – poll

Более 90% граждан считают себя украинцами – опрос

Most people in the country consider themselves to be Ukrainians

Because of the war supporters of Ukraine becoming more and more.

Over 92% of inhabitants of Ukraine consider themselves ethnic Ukrainians, and only 5,5% – Russians. On 24 October during the presentation and discussion of results of sociological research conducted by the Gorshenin Institute, said the expert of the Institute Svetlana Baluk, UNIAN reports.

As noted, the younger the respondents, the more they position themselves as Ukrainians.

In the Western region of the Ukrainian national identity declared for 98.3% of respondents in North – 94,8%, the Central was 94.2% in the South to 87.5% in the East of 84.6%.

The last census in Ukraine was conducted in 2001. Then 77,8% of the population of Ukraine identified themselves as Ukrainians and 17.3% as Russian.

The survey, which was conducted by experts showed that 55% of those who now called themselves Russians, consider themselves citizens of Ukraine. Another quarter of them identified themselves as citizens of the former USSR. They live in the East of Ukraine and have more than 60 years.

In the Ukrainian language at home communicate more than 60% of respondents, Russian – 37%. However, the fact that the survey was attended by residents of the occupied territories, which are considered to be predominantly Russian-speaking, could significantly affect the final result of this indicator.

The Director of the city Institute Oleksandr Kobzarev noted that over the last hundred years, since 1900, the percentage of Ukrainians in Ukraine almost did not change.

“Despite the famine, to other events, the percentage of those in Ukraine identify themselves as Ukrainian, has remained unchanged. And over the past few years, the share of Ukrainians jumped sharply. And for it is certainly influenced by the war that is now ongoing,” he said.

The study was conducted in April-may of 2017. The study surveyed 2000 adult respondents in all regions of Ukraine (excluding the occupied territories of the AR Crimea, cities of Sevastopol, Donetsk and Lugansk regions).

We will remind, in October the actions of the Ukrainian President had fully endorsed only 6.7% of Ukrainians, while not supported by 50.4 percent.