More than half of Ukrainians oppose Amnesty for separatists – survey

Больше половины украинцев против амнистии для сепаратистов - опрос

Ukrainians loyal to involved in the DNI and LC, but have not committed serious crimes

The majority of Ukrainians are also against loyalty to so-called leadership of the breakaway “republics”.

Almost 60% of Ukrainians do not support the idea of a complete Amnesty to citizens who participated in the conflict in the Donbass on the party of separatists. This is evidenced by the results of the study GfK Ukraine.

In response to the question: No Amnesty – everyone should be involved in otvetnoi by law, the following results are obtained:

• totally agree 35.7% of respondents

• I tend to agree, 23.8% of

• rather disagree 20.7% of

• strongly disagree 15,8%

• are unable to determine the answer 4,0%

At the same time, the respondents mostly support the idea of a partial Amnesty for combatants, but not full Amnesty.

This position is full Amnesty:

• fully agree only 11.8%

• more likely to agree 16,2%

• rather disagree, 30.8% of

• absolutely do not agree 36,1%

• are unable to determine the answer to 5.2%

The position of Amnesty only for those who participated in illegal armed formations on not

controlled territories and not made seryoznyh crimes, for example killings of civilians, abductions, rape has more support.

With this option

• totally agree 25.8% of respondents

• more likely to agree 33,4%

• rather disagree 14.2% of

• strongly disagree 23,1%

• are unable to determine the answer to 3.5%

The question of who should make the decision on Amnesty has shown a low level of trust to the Ukrainian judges. Only 11.3 percent believe that the decision about the Amnesty should take the Ukrainian judges. 28,1% believe that it should be resolved by the representatives of international organizations, judges from abroad with perfect reputation. 28.7% of the group, which includes Ukrainian and foreign judges. 27.5% of the total group of local residents. Only 5.5% of respondents are absolutely sure that Amnesty can hold honestly, 18,8% are absolutely sure that an Amnesty it is impossible to implement fairly and without abuse.

In addition, sociologists recognize the attitude of Ukrainians to the representatives of the self-proclaimed authorities of uncontrolled territories.

With quite a loyal attitude of the workers health care, utilities and humanitarian spheres, the attitude of Ukrainians to the representatives of the de facto authorities in the temporarily occupied territories are diametrically opposed.

The majority of respondents disagree with the thesis that they should be allowed to keep their jobs in case of restoration of Ukraine’s control over the occupied territories.

This applies to workers of both high and middle/bottom Lankan authorities so-called power.

The majority of Ukrainians (77.4 per cent and 73.3 per cent) and two thirds of the population

Donbass (65,2% and 59.6%) do not agree that the authorities of the DNI and the LC can be allowed to keep their jobs.

Because the specialists of middle and lower level authorities should be allowed to keep their jobs:

• I fully agree with 11.2% of respondents

• more likely to agree to 9.8%

• rather disagree 17,5%

• strongly disagree 55.8% of

• are unable to determine the answer 5,8%

With a similar thesis for professionals senior authorities of the de facto authorities

• I fully agree 9.1% of respondents

• more likely to agree to 8.1%

• rather disagree 15,6%

• absolutely do not agree 61,8%

• are unable to determine the answer 5,5%

The study was conducted in two waves: from 14 April to may 2 and from 3 to 19 may. In the materials presented to the weighted data and the total weighted sample of 1,500 respondents.

Earlier it was reported that only 11.2% of Ukrainians are satisfied with the direction in which the country is moving, 83.7% of respondents are not satisfied with the course of the country.

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