Moscow demands from Kiev to cancel missile

Москва требует от Киева отменить ракетные учения

Russia demands from Kiev to cancel missile

Ukraine unilaterally announced that it would conduct missile firings in the vicinity of Simferopol, according to Rosaviation.

Russia accused Ukraine in violation of international agreements because of the decision to hold rocket fire in the district of Simferopol and demanded to cancel them, they say on the website Rosaviation.

“In violation of all international agreements of Ukraine unilaterally adopted a decision to conduct missile firings in the sovereign airspace of the Russian Federation in the flight information region of Simferopol”, – claim in the Federal air transport Agency.

The statement says that on November 24, Ukraine issued an aviation notice on activating the dangerous zones in the air space due to a scheduled on 1 and 2 December 2016 rocket firings.

Rosaviatsia also demanded the immediate revocation of the issued notifications.

Note that recently Russia raised the alarm in the army at the borders with Ukraine, and in September in the Crimea dozens of flights canceled because of the teachings.