Mosiychuk about the situation with Schuster: In Ukraine continued curtailment of freedoms

Мосийчук о ситуации с Шустером: В Украине продолжается сворачивание свобод

Ban the TV presenter Savik Shuster to work in Ukraine is evidence that the country’s continued curtailment of freedoms, including freedom of speech. Such opinion on air of TV channel “112 Ukraine” was expressed by MP (RPL), Igor Mosiychuk.

“For me it (barring the TV host Savik Shuster in Ukraine – ed.) a signal that the country continues to curtail freedoms, including freedom of speech. The current government is dancing hopak in the rake, they left a legacy that Viktor Yanukovych and his regime. By far, by leaps and bounds by moving it, and naturally, that the end, if you do not change the trajectory, the end will be the same, only, I fear, not in Rostov”, – he said.

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As reported, journalist Savik Shuster has revoked the work permit in Ukraine. The reason for this was providing inaccurate information: Schuster allegedly hid that against him is a criminal investigation. In response to this, the journalist went on a hunger strike until he returns to work in Ukraine.

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Recall, Savik Shuster works in Ukraine since 2005 Led public-political talk show “Freedom of speech”, “Freedom of Savik Shuster”, “Shuster LIVE” on different Ukrainian TV channels.