Mosiychuk of the attempt: Visible Chechen trace

Мосийчук о покушении: Заметен чеченский след

Mosiychuk insists on the version with the organizers from Chechnya

Now the MP treated at the Institute of Shalimov.

The status of people’s Deputy from the Radical party Igor Mosiychuk stable and at the moment he is undergoing treatment at the Institute of Shalimov. About this he wrote in Facebook.

“While going through treatment at the Institute of Shalimov. The fact that I’m still alive, I owe his dead prison guard Ruslan Kushnir. Ruslan saved my life, and now I shall close his eyelids. Will take care of his orphaned daughter as my own third child,” he wrote.

While MP has several versions of who could be the customer of attempt.

“About who could be the customer and the organizer of the assassination attempt on me, now we have several versions. One of them is too early to say. I can only say that clearly the Chechen trace”, – said Mosiychuk.

However, he denies any relationship in this case with Kohanivsky.

“Clearly the attack on me is in no way affiliated with Nikolay Kohanivsky. I really haven’t been Camalu Ruslan in his quest to take over the house and throw out immigrants, but any personal conflict we have with him was not. Therefore, this version of the result doesn’t even take into account,” concluded Mosiychuk.

We will remind, in the evening of 25 November in the center of Kiev there was an explosion in which was wounded the Deputy Mosiychuk. According to reports, when he came out of the room espresso TV channel were blown up parked next to a motorcycle mounted with a explosive device.

As a result of explosion two persons were lost, three more suffered.

Also we will remind, according to interior Minister Ivan Varchenko, the assassination of people’s Deputy Ihor Mosiychuk was interested, the head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov

While Kadyrov has denied involvement in the assassination of people’s Deputy Igor Mosiychuk.