Mosiychuk States that he wrote a disclaimer in obtaining the indictment

Мосийчук заявляет, что написал заявление об отказе в получении обвинительного акта

MP from the Radical party of Oleh Liashko Ihor Mosiychuk was admitted in the General Prosecutor’s office of Ukraine (PGO) wrote a statement about the failure in obtaining the indictment. He said this to journalists after he left the building of the GPU, reports channel “112 Ukraine”.

“Tried to give me the indictment, a copy of the file and the registry file. I wrote a letter, got it mister Nalivajko, in connection with the illness of my defender and a violation of my right to defense during the investigation I refuse to get. In addition, I emphasize that during the investigation were violated my rights as a suspect at defending. I refused to interrogation,” he said.

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Mosiychuk was admitted said that the representatives of the PGO will transfer the indictment to the court. “I am pleased that he will be transferred to the court, because I will have the opportunity to prove his innocence. I have (why it’s urgent) with his position on election of the attorney General,” summed up the MP.

Earlier it was reported that the GPU caused Mosiychuk to obtain a copy of the indictment and the materials of the pretrial investigation.

In October 2015 the Department on investigation of especially important cases of the Main investigation Department had completed the pre-trial investigation in criminal proceedings on suspicion Mosiychuk of committing criminal offenses under part 2, 3 of article 296 (Hooliganism), part 2 of article 350 (“Threat or violence against official or citizen fulfilling a public duty”), part 1 of article 376 (“Interference in the judiciary”), part 1 of article 350, part 2 of article 350, part 4 of article 368 (“Adoption of the proposal, the promise or receipt of unlawful benefit by an official”) criminal code of Ukraine.

On the same day the MP and his lawyers opened and provided access to all materials of a pretrial investigation. But on October 22, 2015 Mosiychuk and his defenders never came to the investigator for acquaintance with materials of criminal proceedings. The decision of the court the evaluation period is limited to the last, and should be conformed to article 290 of the criminal procedure code of Ukraine of 25 April 2016, noted in GPU.