Mosiychuk wounded in the explosion, two dead. The main thing

Мосийчук ранен при взрыве, двое погибших. Главное

The explosion was qualified as a terrorist attack, the interior Ministry are investigating the possibility of involvement of Russian security services and Kadyrov.

The people’s Deputy Igor Mosiychuk in the explosion were injured. His guard and happened to be near a policeman was killed.

The explosion occurred near the office of the TV channel of espresso in the center of Kiev late in the evening. The explosion also injured the political analyst Vitaly Bala.

The explosion qualified as act of terrorism. The interior Ministry himself, he’s talking about the Russian track.

Корреспондент.net gather all the information about the assassination of the Chairman.


What exploded

The evening of 25 October at 22.15 near the editorial office of the TV channel of espresso in a residential house on the street Adam Mickiewicz in Solomenskiy district of Kiev there was an explosion, which injured four people, including Deputy Igor Mosiychuk.

The guard of the people’s Deputy Ruslan Kushnir, who was with him only one month left. He is survived by a young daughter and a pregnant wife.

Also the explosion killed 36-year-old police captain Michael Mermel, who lived near the blast site. Political analyst Vitaly Bal, who came out with the Chairman after the broadcast, damaged lungs and liver, he underwent surgery.

The explosion occurred after the broadcast on TV. According to the press service of the Chairman, the security guard of Ukraine, which was the employee of a regiment of special destination, the cost of his own life to save people.

The explosion was qualified as a terrorist act, so the investigation will deal with GU SBU in Kiev, procedural guidance will be implemented by the Kyiv Prosecutor’s office.

According to preliminary estimates of law enforcement officers, blew up a motorcycle parked near the car.

According to employees of TV channel of espresso, which were at the office 20 minutes before the end of the broadcast of the motorcycle was not yet on the scene. It supposedly arrived two men.

As told adviser to the interior Minister Anton Gerashchenko, in homes around the broken glass. The power of the explosion of the former no less than one kilogram in a trotyl equivalent.

The explosion worked as deminers, the staff of service on emergency situations, the investigative and operational group.

According to Oleg Lyashko, leader of Radical party, which includes Mosiychuk, the explosive device was not made, and the military.

State Mosiychuk

Mosiychuk was taken to the Boris clinic, where he was sent to intensive care after successful operation. He has a broken arm and leg, also povrezhdena back and stomach. Doctors call the condition Mosiychuk average weight.

The analyst of the Ball is the 17th hospital. According to the journalist Vitaly apasova, Bala received a serious wound: large remnant hurt the liver.

His condition is heavier than Mosiychuk. According to the morning of October 26, the analyst has operated.

Among other victims – a passing woman and a member of the city police working in the legal Department, said Paul Kononenko, first Deputy Prosecutor of Kiev.

The Russians and Kadyrov

Advisors to the interior Minister Anton Geraschenko and Zorian Shkiryak immediately started talking about the possible involvement of Russian secret services in the terrorist attack.

Gerashchenko in Facebook wrote that one of the versions of the investigation, among others – d”to actions of the Russian special services to destabilize the political and social situation on the background of the protests.”

“Earlier the same fate befell the journalist Pavel Sheremet, an employee of the DIU Maxim Shapovalov, Colonel counterintelligence Yuri Voznovo, Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Kharaberyush. The same fate in January of this year I was prepared and me,” he said.

Shkiryak explained why the consequence considers the version of the involvement of the Russian special services.

“Fairness and audacity of the attack, is fully consistent with the scheme of such crimes committed by Russian special services. Thus, there was a string of attempted attacks in recent years in Ukraine. Tab, remote control, an explosion,” wrote Shkiriak in Facebook.

He also did not rule out the involvement of the head of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov, who, as noted by the adviser to the interior Minister, has repeatedly threatened to Mosiychuk.

“We cannot rule out the involvement of Kadyrov, who has repeatedly and publicly threatened the Chairman for his solidarity with the Chechen rebels that Borja for freedom of Ichkeria,” – wrote Shkiryak.

The adviser to the interior Minister stressed that the investigators will work out all possible versions.

Mosiychuk also said that the attempt on his life was planned in Moscow.

“I think the customers sitting in Moscow. Performers Kiev. It is possible that the agents among the Patriotic environment. This is the first attempt on a statesman of such level in Ukraine”, – he said.

Aminka Okueva, wife of battalion commander named Dudayev Adam Osmayev, who had previously been assassinated, was also inclined to the version of Kadyrov

“Igor Mosiychuk, one of the first to come to the station, where I gave testimony after the assassination attempt on us. To maintain… I Think that yesterday’s attack is associated with the same. At the very least, Kadyrov did not hesitate to threaten the MP of another country publicly through the media. And these videos survived,” she wrote.


Protection of the OUN

On the eve of explosion, he tried to bail who is under investigation, the battalion commander OUN Nicholas Kohanivsky that was released.

The battalion commander OUN long-standing personal conflict with the battalion commander Odin Ruslan Camalou that Kohanivsky and shot.

About the relationship of the Chairman and Kazmaly unknown.