Most bargain. China on Ukraine’s engines

Самая выгодная покупка. Китай о двигателях Украины

The Chinese fighter with Ukrainian engine performed aerobatics at the international show.

The Chinese media spoke positively about the Ukrainian engines, presented at the Airshow in Zhuhai last week.

Edition Guanica, the authors of the article are Chinese scientists and researchers spoke about how the engines manufactured by Motor Sich, will positively affect the development of the aviation industry of China.

In the United States has condemned Ukraine for cooperation with China in this area, calling it a “stab in the back”. Корреспондент.net tells details.


China is learning from Motor Sich

November 6, China first showed a prototype fighter jet with vector control, the J-10B’s own production.

“He performed aerobatics, proving the successful development of China’s technologies related to motors for vector control and rapid progress in the field of aviation engines,” the newspaper notes.

We are talking about engines that are produced by the Ukrainian company Motor Sich. In the article “D-436 – the best buy of China”, it’s called “famous company”.

A Maritime power. China had two aircraft carriers

“Given the experience of the company, China has a lot she has to learn,” – said the author.

The exhibition presents four aircraft engines: turbofan engines AI-25ТЛК with a low bypass ratio, helicopter engines TV3-117VMA-СБМ1В, turbofan engine D-436-148ФМ and turboprop engine MS-500V-C.

Most significant among these engines is “unremarkable” turbofan engine D-436-148ФМ used in civil aircraft.

Features of this three-stage engine effectively reduce fuel consumption and, consequently, improve its performance. These engines are also manufactured by the British company Rolls-Royce.

The mastery of the Chinese aviation industry technology associated with the engine D-436 can bring a lot of advantages, noted in the article.

For example, it can replace American CF34-10A, manufactured by General Electric, in Chinese regional passenger aircraft ARJ-21.

Also, the development of military pattern better alternative than D-436 China is not to find, the article says. D-436 is much better than its competitor according to weight, fuel consumption and thrust-weight ratio.

This engine also can be an alternative powerplant for wide-body passenger aircraft CR929 jointly developed by Russia and China.

Самая выгодная покупка. Китай о двигателях Украины
The exhibition also presented the Xian Y-20 – China’s first heavy military transport aircraft. Developed in cooperation with the Ukrainian Antonov / EPA

According to the representative of the company, Cantsaw engaged in investments in the aircraft sector, four motors can be produced in China.

“It is hoped that the production of aircraft engines it will be a good opportunity, as the introduction of the Ukrainian gas-turbine engine GTD 25000, which will allow to fill the gaps in the production of three-shaft heavy turboshaft engines and vintoventilyatorny and promote the rapid development of the industry”, concludes the author.


Backstab US

Jet engines were the main weakness of the Chinese aviation industry at least a decade, notes the Washington Times.

This summer, China put into service one aircraft carrier and plans to add to your Arsenal for at least another three in the process of a large-scale boost its military capability.

Will work on combat training aircraft JL-10, which pilots the naval forces of the people’s liberation army of China will learn to land on the Board.

As noted then, the newspaper China Daily, the first 12 aircraft equipped with engines of Ukrainian origin.

The race of the superpowers. Why the United States has revived the Second fleet

15 Aug critics urged the administration of US President Donald trump to put pressure on Ukraine and force them to stop selling engines to China – as well as other military goods.

A former adviser to the Senate Committee on foreign Affairs William Triplett stressed that Ukraine helps China to solve long-standing problems.

“We never want to help Chinese pilots learn to land on aircraft carriers at a rapid pace,” he said.

Information about the fact that China is beginning to use JL-10 with Ukrainian engines, there was a time when the Pentagon announced the transfer of military assistance to the Armed forces of Ukraine for $ 200 million.

“In General, Ukrainians are taking the American taxpayers’ money with one hand and the other beat us naval forces stabbed in the back,” said Triplett.

The second reason for Washington to put pressure on Kiev is that for the first time in many decades, the US government acknowledged China as a strategic rival, says WT.

Electromagnetic gun. The newest weapon of the Chinese Navy

Agreement to supply engines for the JL-10 was signed with the Ukrainian company Motor Sich in 2016. At the same time took delivery of the first 20 engines, although only in accordance with the agreements, there should be 250. For this China will pay $ 380 million, the newspaper said.

Later Motor Sich said that the criticism associated with “lobbying the interests of Russian producers”.

This long-awaited military-industrial complex of Russia. Such methods have all the signs of unfair competition”, – reads the statement of Motor Sich.

The rejection of the market in China will not affect the combat capability of the Chinese air force, but will lead to the deterioration of the situation in the Ukrainian aviation industry and dismissal of specialists with Motor Sich, the report says.


Ukrainian weapons to China

China remains one of the main buyers of Ukrainian weapons. In addition to engines for training aircraft, Kiev was sold to Beijing 50 diesel engines for tanks and gas turbines for destroyers eskadronny Luyang-Luyang 2 and-3.

In 2009 China bought Ukraine’s two small landing hovercraft Zubr class. Their delivery took place shortly before the Russian invasion to Ukraine and annexation of Crimea, notes the Washington Times.

Vanopen. China has tested a hypersonic missile

Two more such ships will be built in China under the supervision of Ukrainian specialists.

In 2016, Beijing also paid $ 45 million to Ukroboronprom three of the aircraft-tanker IL-78M.

Самая выгодная покупка. Китай о двигателях Украины

China bought from Ukraine the Varyag aircraft carrier that was the pride of the Chinese Navy under the name Liaoning / Getty

In addition, its first aircraft carrier China bought from Ukraine in 1998 and named it the Liaoning. Originally this ship in 1985, was laid in Nikolaev under the name Riga, but after the collapse of the Soviet Union received the name of Varangians.

Flaman, Liaoning joined the Chinese Navy in 2012 and is considered the pearl of China’s Navy.


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