Most popular car purchased in 2017 for a purchase in groups Avtotak

 Наиболее популярные  автомобили, приобретенные в 2017 году по программе приобретения в группах АвтоТак

At the end of 2017 under the program for the purchase of cars in groups “Avtotak” held a jubilee 100th the distribution of vehicles among the clients of the program.

For each company a monthly distribution of a pleasant and important event, during which about 50 are determined by the program participants, which will receive my car next month. A commemorative event was twice more pleasant, really festive end of the year, because every employee is very nice to know their involvement and direct participation in the realization of dreams of our customers for so many years.

What cars are popular among clients acquisition programme in groups? It is important to note that under the terms of the program “Avtotak” at the time of receipt of vehicle the customer is entitled to choose another brand and model than originally planned in the contract. It is possible to choose a more expensive and cheaper vehicle lineup, notarypublic the programme (which suggests either pay the difference in price, or reducing the amount payable). That is, the conditions of the program allow sufficient flexibility to respond to any change in the financial possibilities of the client. Therefore statistical data is already transferred to the cars allow you to assess the real opportunities and tracking the actual preferences of consumers of services for the purchase of cars in groups.

In 2017 became the leader of ZAZ Forza – 31% of the total number of cars purchased through the program “Avtotak.” In second place – ZAZ Sens, preferred by 28% of participants treated with vehicle. Third place goes to the Chery Tiggo, with a share of 11%. In fourth place is the ZAZ Vida, which was chosen by 6.5% of the participants. Kia Sportage has attracted 6% of the recipients of vehicles and the Kia Rio – 4%, which provided the models for the 5th and 6th place respectively.

Expansion of the range of the program “Avtotak” increased opportunities for the participants to purchase a good car at a reasonable price. So, seventh place is occupied by Ravon 4 with a share of 3%, and eighth place was shared merbaby Ravon 2 and Geely Emgrand with the result 2%.

Make: Chevrolet completes the TOP 10 issued cars under the program “Avtotak”: the number of issued Chevrolet Cruze is 1.6% and the Chevrolet Aveo – 1,36%.

New 2018, the year which has just begun, will be of particular importance in the history of buying cars in groups in Ukraine in the company “AVTO prosto” – in fact the first acquisition in the group appeared on the Ukrainian market at the invitation of the company “Daewoo” in 1998, that is, 20 years ago. During this time, about 46 500 Ukrainians realized their dream and purchased the car in groups. This result is a convincing proof of the demand and the continuous relevance of buying cars in groups for the domestic consumer. “Avtotak” plans to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the group in Ukraine through hard work over a number of novelties. The company argued that some innovations will be a pleasant surprise for both customers and employees. For customers are planned first of all a very interesting and profitable promotions and contests, as well as further expansion of the lineup of new budget models and more.

So, watch for news from the “Avtotak”!

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