Most Ukrainians are unable to pay for communal survey

Большинство украинцев не могут платить за коммуналку - опрос

Over 60% of respondents worsened financial situation over the last year.

Over 60% of Ukrainians deteriorated financial situation over the past year and they are not able to pay communal. This is stated in the survey by the sociological group Rating.

“Over the past year, more than 60% of respondents worsened financial situation, 30% of it hasn’t changed, only 6% were improved, and 2% are undecided with the answer. More than 60% of respondents can not afford to pay for housing and communal services, 35% unable to pay for them, another 3% are undecided,” the study says.

While 97 percent of respondents feel the rise in prices for consumer goods and services this year.

65 percent of respondents the reason for the poor economic situation in the country is the incompetence and corruption of the current government, and 54 per cent the main reason was the military operations in the East of the country.

Also 31% of Ukrainians believe that the blame for the inability of the Verkhovna Rada to adopt the laws necessary to the country, and 28% lack of professionalism and corruption of the previous Ukrainian government .

“If in the West the main reason I think military action in the East and the incompetence and corruption of the previous government, on the South and East note the incompetence and corruption of the current government”, – noted in the study.

In addition, with the assertion that Ukraine today is in a state of chaos, agree 85% of respondents (one in ten does not agree), in a state of collapse, 75 percent (17 percent disagree), in a state of change – 44 percent (50 percent disagree) in a state of development – 21 percent (71% disagree), the consolidation of 17 per cent (58 per cent disagree).

The survey polled 2 thousand respondents by personal interview. Audience survey: the population of Ukraine aged 18 years and older.

Earlier the UN stated that the majority of Ukrainians are below the poverty line. In addition, Ukraine is losing its position in the rating of happy countries.