Mostovskoi the murder trial of Rossoshanskiy canceled

Убийство Ноздровской: суд над Росошанским отменили

The trial of the case Moskovskoy canceled

The court stated that it had not received the petition from the Prosecutor’s office.

Today Vyshgorod court will not consider a remand for Yuri Rossoshanskiy, who is suspected of the murder of Irene Mostovskoy. It is reported by the Country.

Cancellation of the meeting, said the representative of the press service of the court.

“Published by the press service of and officially said what could be said – the petition of the Prosecutor no, will – have”, – the correspondent of the publication.

Earlier, the speaker of the Prosecutor General Andrei Lysenko said that the petition to the court is gone, but he does not know when it will be accepted.

Earlier in the Prosecutor General’s office came the announcement that the court will start at 14:00, but the message was later removed. But the screenshot of the same application on the website of the GPU.

Убийство Ноздровской: суд над Росошанским отменили



Lawyers of the dissatisfied party – families of Irina Moskovskoy – I think that the Prosecutor thus deliberately delaying the trial. “Perhaps the suspicion is not too reasonable,” – said the lawyer Alexander Panchenko on the courthouse steps to reporters.

Earlier it was reported that Vyshgorodsky district court today, January 9 to elect a measure of restraint to the suspect in the murder of lawyer Irina Mostovskoy.

Recall that on 8 January the police detained a suspect in the murder Mostovskoy.