Mother Ageev arrived in Ukraine

Мать Агеева приехала в Украину

Mother Ageev arrived in Ukraine

The woman promised to accompany my son.

The mother of Russian Ageev, who was taken prisoner in Donbas, arrived in Ukraine. This was reported to Novaya Gazeta.

“Today, July 21, at about 13 o’clock in the afternoon we with Svetlana Ageeva V. entered the territory of Ukraine by train. Going to a meeting with representatives of the Ukrainian country, which promise to accompany us to the son of Svetlana, Victor Ageev,” wrote the journalist of the edition Pavel Kanygin.

The journalist also noted that they came not directly through, because the mother of the corporal no passport.

“We are very worried that internal passports would not miss it our, Russian border guards. And the Ukrainian guards knew that Svetlana is not foreign documents. The Ukrainian side has agreed, exceptionally, to accept Svetlana Viktorovna internal Russian passport,” – said Kanygin.

The journalist said that he could not yet name names and positions of people who represent the Ukrainian side.

“About the meeting itself: we were promised to have it here in the next few days, about the time and places yet unknown, we will inform you later. Victor Ageev, as you know, was in the detention center of the city Starobelsk, but meeting, I think, may be in some other place – everything will be decided tomorrow. The Ukrainian side, we guaranteed that will be able to meet mum with a son under normal conditions, including the alone. And we very much hope that these conditions will be fulfilled”, – the journalist writes.

As reported Корреспондент.netJune 24, the Ukrainian military in the area ATO neutralized sabotage group of the enemy and captured a group of militants, among whom was a citizen of Russia.

Later it became known that the arrested Russians − Victor Ageev is in jail Starobelsk, and his mother confirmed to reporters that after military service, her son left to serve in the Russian army under the contract.

Before he Ageev said that it really is a contract in Russia. Against him open proceedings on charges of creation of terrorist group or organization (part 1 of article 258-3 of the criminal code). Ageev arrested for two months.

Mother Ageeva Poroshenko asked to pardon her son