Mother Cliche and Ageev spoke to Poroshenko and Putin

Матери Клыха и Агеева обратились к Порошенко и Путину

Svetlana Ageeva and Tamara Klyh

The edition of “Novaya Gazeta” published the video message of mothers Stanislaus Cliche and Victor Ageev, the presidents of Russia and Ukraine.

Mother convicted in Russia of Ukrainian Stanislav Cliche and detained near the city of Lugansk Russian citizen Viktor Ageev asked the presidents of Russia and Ukraine to pardon and release of their sons, according to Novaya Gazeta.

We will remind, on June 24, Ageeva in structure diversionno-prospecting groups of the opponent were detained and was taken prisoner by the Ukrainian military. Later it became known that he was a Russian, who after military service left to serve in the Russian army under the contract.

A member of UNA-UNSO Stanislav Klyh was convicted in 2015 in Grozny on 20 years. He was convicted of participation in hostilities on the side of Chechen separatists in the 1990s.

“We mother our children − Stanislaus Cliche and Victor Ageev. With great respect to our authorities, the Russian Federation and Ukraine, please, I appeal to you to release, to pardon our children, who are in captivity, and as Stanislav, in prison, where he was for three years,” said Tamara Klyh.

According to her, she do not know anything about his son.

“I want you, Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, and our Ukrainian government, Petro Poroshenko, has decided this question. I think it is in your power to do it − for our children to return home to have mercy on them and stop the war,” added the mother of the convict in the Russian Federation Cliche.

Klyh crazy in a Russian prison – human rights activist

Svetlana Ageeva joined said, calling to stop the war.

“Mr President, it is in your power, we believe, help us! And I would like to ask, as a person, as a man, it’s time to stop this war that separated our peoples… We turn to you again: hear us, please help in our sorrows and help all the peoples of Russia and Ukraine understand each other and be together again! This is a very sincere request. So further to live. We hope that you will hear us and help,” said the mother of the detainee in Ukraine Ageeva.

Previously, the mother Ageeva was found with his son in the detention center of Starobelsk. She also has appealed to the President of Ukraine to pardon her son.