Mother Elder asked for help from deputies in the investigation of the death of his son

Мать Бузины попросила помощи депутатов в расследовании смерти сына

The mother of murdered journalist Olesya Elder appealed to the deputies

The investigation is suspended, and the suspects released from custody, said Elder Valentine.

Desperate to find the truth in the investigation of the murder of journalist Olesya Elder, his mother appealed to MPs asking for help.

According to her, despite all the efforts of the lawyer, its written request to the U.S. Ambassador, the investigation in this case has not advanced a single step.

“The actions of the Ukrainian authorities testify to their unwillingness to punish the murderers. The investigation unlawfully suspended, and the suspects released from custody. Both have an obvious connection with the state structures: one served in the interior Ministry and the second in the armed forces of Ukraine”, – said the journalist’s mother.

Elder Valentine believes that the conclusions of the US state Department, which praised the objectivity and effectiveness of the Ukrainian authorities conducted investigation in the case of the son of contradicting reality.

In addition, she asked the US Ambassador to draw the attention of the competent bodies of the United States to the fact that the Prosecutor intends to arrest her lawyer Renat Kuzmin.

“I ask You, Mr. Ambassador, to present my letter to the US State Department and use your high authority to influence the Ukrainian authorities in order to objectively and effectively investigate and punish those responsible for the murder of my son” – summed up the Elder Valentine.

MPs promised Valentina Elder to direct parliamentary inquiries to the President Petro Poroshenko and Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko.

Also MPs will prepare an appeal to the ambassadors of foreign countries and attract international community to investigate high-profile cases, will achieve the creation of the temporary investigative Commission in the Verkhovna Rada.

Representatives of the Opposition bloc also promised to give the mother of an Elder lawyer to help with legal support.

Previously “Oppositional bloc demanded that the authorities provide an exhaustive report on the investigation into the murder of ex-people’s Deputy Oleg Kalashnikov and publicist of an Elder.

Kuzmin will represent in court the interests of the mother Elderberry

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Kuzmin will represent in court the interests of the mother Elderberry

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